Iphone 6s plus earpiece speaker not working No sound Fix Simple Solution

hello guys this video is about audio I

have iPhone 6s plus and the problem is

whenever you dial it doesn't have a

sound on the earpiece so if you can see

I'm dialing and there is no sound

nothing at all by if I put it on

loudspeaker we are getting the sound so

I wanted to make this video from a long

time but I was not getting any phone so

to show you guys the very is a very

simple solution because I struggle a lot

in past I tried to change the speaker I

try to change the audio I see I change

what I could everything but in the end

what the problem was is a very simple

problem which I will suggest everybody

to try first I'm not saying that this

problem you will have every time but

this is the I mean first option which I

will try if I get any phone which has a

audio issue that you can't hear in this

speaker so what I'm going to do now is

just going to disconnect the battery

disconnected charging port

connecting the battery back in

I'm suis charli phone



mm-hmm and now

I'm hearing the sound I'm using an

external mic so maybe you're not hearing

properly but now I'm getting sound in

this speaker so in short any time you

get any problem regarding this that

you're not getting sound in earpiece I

will highly suggest that you remove your

charging port and test it without

charging port because what happens the

charging port gets shot or somehow it

gets damaged which is causing the

speaker not to work so simply just

replace the charging port and you're

good to go

thank you