How to Access and Remove the Spare Tire in a MINI Cooper


Otto here for Bavarian Autosport.

In this series of videos we are going to show you how to access and remove the spare tire

on various BMW and MINI models that require more than simply lifting the trunk floor and

pulling the spare out.

Now if you have one of these models, we do recommend that you practice these steps before

you actually have to use them.

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Now lets go ahead and check out the steps.

Remove the trunk floor trim panel.

Remove the lowering handle and the socket tool from the tool tray.

Remove the tool tray to access the spare tire carrier securing assembly.

Remove the cover securing nut using the socket tool.

Remove the cover.

Note the carrier stud and the locking clip.

Thread the lowering handle onto the carrier stud.

Pull up on the lowering tool and pinch the locking clip.

Lower the spare tire carrier using the lowering handle.

Remove the lowering handle.

Pull the carrier tray and the spare tire from under the vehicle.