Top 10 Places to Visit in the South of France

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this list we're looking at all of the

most appealing regions towns and cities

in or near the southern part of the

country number 10

Monaco okay so we're starting out with a

place that isn't actually part of France

though it is located on the French

Riviera the Principality of Monaco is an

independent country and city-state whose

total area is only about two square

kilometers or less than one square mile

while you're in the South of France

you'd be remiss to skip a stop here to

take in all the luxury and excess that

this tiny nation is known for Monaco is

famed for two things above all the Monte

Carlo Casino and the Formula One Grand

Prix track both of which you can visit

while you're there number nine Antibes

why you've likely heard of Neeson can

which will appear later on our list it's

possible that you're unfamiliar with

this town that's located directly

between the two if you want to avoid the

major crowds but still relax in a

high-end and indulgent locale then

Antibes might just be the perfect place

for you the area has a rich history for

those who are interested in antiquity

because Antibes was actually established

as a colony of Greece in the 5th century

BC art lovers will also enjoy the

Picasso Museum which celebrates the time

the painters spent in the region number

8 polka hut while many of the gems of

the French Riviera are located along the

coast you have to actually go out into

open waters to experience some of the

true highlights both kavala island is a

shining example of this located

approximately 15 minutes offshore by

ferry the island is known for both its

gorgeous beaches which are said to rival

those of the Caribbean as well as its

excellent vineyards the entire island is

free of Motor Vehicles so your best bet

to get around is to rent a bike and

enjoy the many miles of trails

number seven Santo pay when you hear

about the rich and fabulous jet-setting

to the South of France

they're often headed to this luxury

hotspot central pay was originally a

fishing village but became a popular

travel destination after the Second

World War it can get very busy in the

peak summer months so if you're looking

for a quieter vacation it might be best

to visit in the offseason

if you want to get the full a Lister

experience though one of the best ways

to see what central pay has to offer is

by renting your own boat and traveling

along the coastline number six

Avignon while discussing the South of

France many focus solely on the French

Riviera but if you head a little further

inland there's so much more to discover

this provenza city is one of the most

charming in the country located along

the Rhone River Avignon is known for its

famous poem or bridges as well as its

religious history in the 14th century

when the papal seat was in France rather

than Italy the Palais de Pape which was

designated as a UNESCO World Heritage

Site is not to be missed especially for

those who want to take in the history of

the area number 5 kalke Sun located

further west than many of the other

destinations we'll be looking at today

is this fortified City which will make

you feel like you've gone back in time

to the Middle Ages the walled town of

Calca Sun whose centre is known as la

seat a mediaeval is a popular attraction

among tourists to France and is the

largest walled city in Europe with its

fortifications still intact the history

of the town dates back millennia and

it's gone through many different

iterations over the centuries some of

the walls you can see today are as old

as the 4th century number 4 again

because of its famed film festival that

draws celebrities here each spring ken

has become recognized on the world stage

but for the rest of the year this

seaside city in the French Riviera is

still frequented by the rich and famous

and even if you can't count yourself

among them you can live like them in

this high-class destination the

waterfront Louvre Abdullah Croisette is

where you'll find many luxury boutiques

so spend the day window shopping while

taking in views of the sea that's just

across the road number 3 nice

this city's nickname is nice LaBelle

which translates to nice the beautiful

and it's a moniker that's surely

well-deserved while many of the other

towns on the coq deserve are primarily

tourist destinations nice is a real city

that doubles as a traveler's paradise

it's one of the largest cities on the

Mediterranean in mixes history

architecture excellent cuisine and luxe

pampering to make it one of the most

diverse ly entertaining locations on our

list of course the beaches are also a

huge draw and foodies will be bowled

over by the Celaya market this is the

type of city you'll never want to leave

number two masse the cultural hub of the

South of France is undoubtedly masse for

the population of a little under a

million it's not a large city by any

means but it still packs a serious punch

when it comes to art food history and

architecture in fact in 2013 it was even

deemed the European Capital of Culture

for many years it wasn't necessarily on

many travelers bucket lists but more

recently it has become a must-see

destination for those exploring the area

it may be a little grittier than some of

the other spots on our list but that

doesn't mean it should be overlooked

before we unveil our number one pick

here are some honorable mentions

number one Havas this region encompasses

much of the south of France

we couldn't choose just one town or city

to represent it because it's best

experienced from the countryside Havas

is known for being an idyllic and

pastoral piece of the French tradition

and its reputation is certainly well

deserved from the squares of exon kvass

to the famed lavender fields there's

truly something for everyone here

whether you're exploring the abundant

wineries or the gorgeous landscapes

Havas is a traveler's dream though part

of france in many ways pavo's is

considered to be culturally distinct and

it's always ready to be explored do you

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