Social Security Offices Close: A Secret To Cut Your Phone Hold Time by 50%

hey everyone just a few days ago the

Social Security Administration announced

that starting today March 17th they

would no longer have their field offices

open for you to be able to go in and

conduct your business no that's whether

you're filing a claim taking care of a

post claim issue whatever it is now you

have to do that either on the phone or

online and there's only a limited number

of things you can do online if you've

been on there before highly recommend

you setting up an online account if you

haven't already but there's just a

limited number of things you can't do

everything there right so that leaves

you with the phones now here's the issue

with the phone lines and this is from my

experience the Social Security

ministration says that they do not

publish their phone numbers to their

local offices but I don't find that to

be the case in fact I've called the

local offices several times in different

areas now why is that important

well if you call them main number the

1-800 number you're probably gonna be

waiting for 30 to 45 minutes and it says

on their website that their average wait

time is 25 minutes I haven't found that

to be the case there are certain times

you can call where the wait time is

lower but I just simply have it found 25

minute wait call to have ever happened

when I've called maybe it does but where

I have been able to get through

relatively quickly is by calling the

local offices now these offices could be

difficult to locate the number for I

mean it they they don't publish this

number especially in the larger cities

if you go to the Social Security

ministration find an office page you go

there and you type in you know Dallas

Texas you're gonna see the 1-800 number

listed there if you go here in my

hometown of Texarkana they actually list

a separate phone number but right now

some of these offices are also listing

the number to the local office even in

markets like Dallas in some of the

larger areas so if you want to get

through without a long wait period you

can probably call your local office and

get faster service now there's no one

saying that you have to call the office

in your hometown you could call another

office and

you know maybe find one that has a

shorter wait time or doesn't serve near

the geographic area if you can get a

shorter wait time by all means call them

they're gonna use the same system to

access your information so it doesn't

really matter where you live and it

doesn't really matter where that office

is located so I hope this helps you save

some time in the next few weeks ahead as

they are shut down for in-person

services and frankly guys I think we

probably ought to get used to this type

of service anyway it's coming whether we

like it or not all these local field

offices if we're just not going to be

able to continue to go in for service

into the years and years in the future

it's just not going to happen it's too

expensive and they can do most of the

stuff online and buy the phone anyway

they can save a lot of money by shutting

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the days ahead as you're trying to

get help with your social security

issues if you have any questions don't

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