Loin & Sirloin: Beef Education Butcher Series

okay now we're going to talk about the

loin and sirloin and those are probably

the most sexy muscles in the animal that

what most people are used to seeing in

the stores and so forth so that's the

the most tender pieces and you know

they're really state cuts so to speak

and so we're going to start with the

flank steak and you pulled that off at

the bottom that great big piece this is

basically what you wind up with is a lot

of you have seen this in the store flank

steak is it's a great item that you can

put on the grill and slice it thin

across the grain because it is a little

bit tough it's got a little bite to it

but it's got a great great flavor also

part of the sirloin underneath or excuse

me on top of the flank and underneath

the loin is these other little pieces

that you don't see very often usually

they're made into steak tips this is

what's called a ball tip this is this is

out of the out of the sirloin portion of

the animal and this is a tri-tip

tri-tip is very popular on the west

coast not really popular here in the

East Coast but it's a great item too you

can grill the whole thing and cut it

into steaks or you can cut it into

steaks and grill each individual steak

it's a nice item certainly flat meat is

very popular item not something you

probably buy in the store but most of

the time you see in the storage steak

tips most steak tips are cut out of

sirloin flat meat and there's there's a

lot of fat in between the in between the

the grains of the muscle which which as

you grill it you know really makes a

juicy and tender and it's a great piece

of meat for steak tips probably what

most steak tips that you see in the

store is made out of from that point we

move on to the the top sirloin which you

typically won't see this whole piece in

a store but this is something that the

stores will buy a lot of and then and

then pull the individual muscles off the

cap or the culotte is called as the

whole muscle can be pulled off and made

in you know take the fat off and then

cut it into individual steaks very very


a little bit of a bite to it but but you

know very tender and it can be easily

pulled apart and taken taken off and

then you end up with with the heart of

the of the top sirloin which can also be

cut into steaks just you know right down

the end or you can pull the two muscles


and make individual steaks there's

there's a round muscle in there that

makes what you could make something that

looks like tenderloin steaks but has

more flavor a little bit more bite

top sirloin filet you might see those in

the store now we get into the to the

expensive cuts of the of the loin which

is the tenderloin and the strip the

Tenderloin is the most tender muscle in

the animal goes right up alongside the

spine and basically what you would do

with this is you know you'd pull these

other little muscles off here and then

cut it into filet mignon steaks

you know we pull all this chain and and

and these little muscles and clean all

this fat and then you end up with a

totally boneless filet mignon which is

tender like butter and is a great piece

of meat so that's the tenderloin and

unfortunately it's not it's not very big

weighs this this piece when it's all

done weighs about three and a half

pounds this is the strip loin and this

is from the from the loin side this is

this attaches to the rib as it's on the

animal so this is a solid muscle on this

side of it as it gets down to the other

end it breaks into a couple of muscles

so most of your Center cuts strip steaks

are going to go three quarters of the

way through this strip so you start with

the full muscle side you start cutting

steaks until this other muscle starts

about right here and when you see that

then you know these steaks are a little

a little bit more tough something that

you may want to you know cut into

stir-fry strips or something like that

but but the best steaks are out of this

out of this

upper two-thirds of this steak and this

would be the New York strip steak that

you would get it also makes it great

roast if you want to you know cut that

off and roast the whole thing so there

they are your loin and sirloin cuts