The Rise and Fall of the Sierra Madre - Fallout New Vegas Lore

the sierra madre you've heard the

stories the tragedies that have taken

place there we all have but there is

something else out there the origin of

this mysterious resort how did the

Sierra Monterey come to be and how did

it end up falling apart into what we

know it as today there was one man

behind everything that the Sierra Madre

had to offer

Fredrickson Claire Sinclair wanted to

build the perfect casino unlike anything

the world had ever seen even more than

that with the United States on the brink

of nuclear war with China

Sinclair wanted to create more than just

a casino he wanted to create a perfect

vacation for those looking to hide away

from the nukes that were imminent to

fall on top of the world to this day the

casino remains untouched after 200 years

and perfectly preserved by the nuclear

bombs even after his death

Sinclair's paradise still remains a

death trap waiting to be sprung free

sinclair's paradise the Sierra Madre was

unlike anything anyone had ever seen


the casinos design was based off of

French Art Deco architecture with

Sinclair to a strong interest to the

streets of the casinos Villa were

aligned with Munich vending machines

that provided its inhabitants with the

services that they would receive from

the outside world some of the world's

most well known celebrities were invited

to join Sinclair and his new resort and

some of the greatest chefs from around

the world were offered to cook for the

inhabitants of the casino because of the

Sierra Madres large size and budget two

companies had to be hired to build it

one for the villa where the inhabitants

would live and one for the casino in

order to meet the entire budget while

putting most of it into the casino the

villa had to be medially designed but

the walls of the accommodations said to

be quote sand barely held together with

spit and glue the poor architecture of

the villa led to workers getting injured

from parts of it collapsing medical

reports of the injuries were later

destroyed to prevent the discovery of

the happenings from the sierra madre

employees sinclair was obsessed with

security over his paradise therefore

banking in the cabins are foreign items

to enter the casino at one point

sinclair requested a piece of technology

for his casino that had only reached its

prototype stages the hologram which

could provide services to those in the


however with Sinclair strict thought of

security he wanted to bring his

holograms to the next level to create

hologram security guards that would

patrol the halls of the casino and

attack any intruders for the fatal laser

beam big mountain the creators of the

hologram refused to create a weaponized

hologram because of the cost it would

take to make them work it's unclear

later contacted National Electric to

create the security holograms he signed

a contract with the company and the

project was successful the thing that

made these holograms special is their

inability to be killed they were powered

by wall-mounted emitters that would act

as its power source only allowing it to

travel a certain distance because of the

technology that big-mountain had

provided Sinclair to build his casino an

agreement was made between them that

Sinclair would allow big mountain to

test their newest experiments in his

casino and villa one of these

experiments was the cloud a toxic miasma

that big mountain had developed which

they later used in the villa and Casino

as a test hazmat suits had to be

developed for the construction workers

to protect them from the cloud as it

became a major problem to their health

even though the hazmat suits were

excellent protection against other

toxins and forces none of them stood a

chance against the cloud the cloud ended

up rusting the straps on the suits

trapping the workers inside and forcing

them to be cut out of them with a cosmic

knife an experimental knife made by big

mountain that was made of a space-age

alloy known as Saturn Knight also

created by big mountain workers ended up

dying inside of the suits and later

mutated into the ghost people that

patrol the streets of the villa 200

years later after the bombs fell and

humanity had been put on pause the

ventilation systems in the sierra madre

eventually had no functioned and

released the cloud into the casino and

into the streets of the villa were

preserved the casino after two centuries


what you may not have known is that

Sinclair didn't build the sierra madre

out of appreciation for the world he

built it for someone in particular

someone he had fallen in love with vera

keyes vera had an affair with famous

singer Dean Domino as Dean had

introduced Vera to Sinclair that was the

moment where Sinclair felt a love

stronger than any other love felt it was

for this woman that he would build the

sierra madre as the greatest gift to be

bestowed upon her until things became

complicated sinclair had been struck by

a discovery that he never thought he

would make he had discovered evidence of

plans to rob the sierra madre and take

the treasures that lay inside even worse

the plans were being headed by Dean and

vera sinclair felt betrayed he felt that

his once love rivera was love no longer

sinclair began to develop a trap that

would lock dean and the casinos treasure

vaults forever if you were to ever gain

access to it during the heist vera

eventually confessed her in dean's plan

to sinclair he was overcome by anger but

refused to kill vera

instead he returned to the vault to

write an apology to her instead of the

trap that was intended he tried to

disarm the trap that he had set for his

once loved and her partner but the

poisonous cloud that was meant to

preserve the city had leaked from the

pipes of the vaults where he met his

demise in the process and that was the

end of Frederick Sinclair


nearly two centuries after the fall of

the sierra madre the casino was

uncovered by ex brotherhood of steel

elder father elijah he saw the cloud as

the perfect weapon against the mojave

and the NCR he saw it as the perfect

approach to revenge against the republic

after the Brotherhood of Steel's loss at

the Battle of helios one the sierra

madres radio broadcast playing vera

keyes faint and alluring voice on an

infinite loop still lers anyone looking

to begin again to its doors with those

people never being seen or heard from


those who do live to tell the tale will

all tell you the same thing that finding

a new beginning is not even the hard

part it's letting go