3 Signs of a Bad Shift Interlock Solenoid Failure Symptoms Can't shift out of park bypass issue

three signs of a bad shift interlock

solenoid number one vehicle stuck in

park the shift solenoid allows the

vehicle to come out of park when the

brake pedal is pressed when the shift

interlock solenoid fails it will not

release the shifter the shift interlock

solenoid is usually located underneath

the center console or mounted on the

steering column first check the shift

interlock solenoid a good shift

interlock solenoid will plunge in and

out when signal or power is received use

a voltmeter or test light if there is no

power going to the shift interlock

solenoid when the brake pedal is pressed

there is a good chance the brake light

switch is faulty

moreover test the shift interlock

solenoid by energizing it with battery


if shift interlock solenoid plunges in

and out that means it is in good working

condition furthermore check poor

connections open circuits blown fuses

gear selector transmission shift cables

and lock cylinder make sure they are all

in good working condition as they can

also be the reason why the shifter won't

come out of park number two check brake

light switch when the brake light switch

fails it will not send power and

energize the shift interlock solenoid

this will prevent the driver from

shifting out of park make sure the brake

light turns on when stepping on the

brake also make sure the brake light

does not stay on when the vehicle is off

these are signs of a faulty brake light

switch replace the brake light switch

this should fix the issue as long the

shift interlock solenoid is still in

good working condition number three

bypassing the shift interlock solenoid

on some vehicle the shifter may contain

a shift lock release that allows driver

to insert an object such as a key screw

driver or a manufacturer special key to

allow driver to shift out of park this

is a temporary solution and the shift

interlock solenoid still needs to be

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