How to find the serial number on your appliances

okay hey how you doing this is Eugene

I'm with branch source appliance service

and repair we're going to do two minute

tech when you go in when you get a phone

call from us or you call us for service

we're gonna ask you for a couple of

things most importantly it's going to be

the model in the serial number so I want

to take just a second here maybe two or

three seconds and show you where you can

find your model and serial numbers on

the more popular brands okay right here

we have an LG it's going to be universal

might get over here something you see

right there it's always going to be in

here on the right-hand side on these LG

French door refrigerators over here we

have a GE GES can be kind of the same

thing it'll be right there alright a lot

of different models doesn't really

matter the doors open like this

tags probably gonna be right there next

thing we have up for bids we have a

beautiful Jenn Air refrigerator here

jenn-air is made by whirlpool that means

if you got a Jenn Air a whirlpool Maytag

something else KitchenAid it's always

gonna be right here okay very a few

places different okay older machines may

be in different places but again

whirlpool product gonna be right here

above that icemaker come on around the

corner here whoops there's nothing LG

but here's a samsung these guys had to

be different Samsung always gonna be

right here left core okay right here on

the Left door you're always going to be

looking for other little numbers too

like let's see this one doesn't show it

but on this tag often there will be a

revision number but we have to have your

model number and your serial number at

the minimum okay let's see let's look at

this freezer right here it's an upright

freezer it is a whirlpool it's right

here on the left okay

but generally speaking on all of your

refrigeration appliances it's going to

be in the main cabin on the left edge in

there where are they hiding

oh right here so it's usually got to be

in the refrigeration cabinet again

Samsung's got to be different so instead

of being on the right side this is a

Samsung side-by-side weird

put it same place they always put it

right here on the left okay so that's

going to be the best way to help us when

we call you or you call us to get it

help us get the right part for you now

let's move on to the stoves and we're

back with stoves here we go this is a

maytag let me see if I remember right

nope there there we go right there

almost every stove no matter what brand

is going to be in one of these two


that's a maytag here's a GE nope not

there there it is right down there by

the drawer

that's the GE product I'll just show you

the b2b see you know Frigidaire right

here Oh nope not there there it is under

the drawer now I'm going to show you one

guy that's got to be different around

here this is an LG LG very often will be

in those two first places we talked

about more than likely LG's got to be


there it is Montague behind the door

well let's move on over to the washing

machine hey how are you doing I'm back

here we are these are LG GE

Maytag whirlpool all gonna be basically

the same again we're gonna call it

you're gonna ask we're gonna ask you

where the model and serial number is

you're gonna open the door front loader

machine almost universally is gonna be

right here on this face plate or right

here on this door okay you can see there

that's a little so it's an LG we have a

samsung here ah there it is right there

on the front metal piece right there

okay just like I talked about dryers we

take a dryer same thing dryer right

there that's gonna be pretty much the

same thing no matter what you do GE

there it is right there washer dryer

right there this is the Kenmore GE I'm

sorry so there you go almost universally

gonna be right here inside the door I'm

gonna show you a section though to the


we're gonna go to top loaders

once again remember I talked about

somebody's got to be different this is a

direct-drive stating the ark I can even

see the mixing LG I'll cereal tag right

there it is a top loader almost all of

the top plug machines are going to be on

the back this is a Samsung top loader

another Samsung top loader again right

there ok so if you want to help us help

you have your model and serial number

ready when you call and we will be sure

to try and bring the right part when we

come out thank you have a good day