BO4 Zombie: How To Acquire The Sentinel Artifact "Full Tutorial" Ancient Evil - Black Ops 4 Zombies


why is going on everybody my name is

John HD and welcome back to another

video and answer to the guys we are on

ancient evil DLC to zombie map I wanted

to show you is how you guys can activate

the Sentinel artifact on this map now

coming from spawn you're going to be

located in the temple of apollo so

they're just pointing and see all the

zombies all gonna be dead and they're

gonna comment live when you move now you

just want to shoot them and you can go

one of two ways to get to this area you

can over come this way at the back

entrance come out here you're gonna

still be in the temple of apollo you

want to come along you're gonna see a

bow it's gonna cost you 70 to 50 you

want to open up it's gonna bring you

into the marketplace from here you want

to turn lloyd you're gonna see another

gate it's gonna cost you 1000 open up

that it's gonna bring you into the

monument of crack Lluis turn voice you

gonna see another door it's gonna cost

you one fires until your fifth earth

that's gonna bring you into the caster

Leon and then you wanna come along here

and you'll be brought into the

amphitheater and there you go this and

center artifact now coming from spawn

from the Temple of Apollo you just want

to go through the front entrance this

time it's gonna cost you some relief if

Dirk it's gonna bring you into the

temple it's hairy snap from here you

that's go through this door but if you

open up this door here you're going to

go into the offering of our talents and

I'm to the ROI you're gonna know if you

need the center artifact to open up the

doors with a red symbol coming back into

the temple terrace you want to go left

you want to go into this loop it's gonna

cost you 1000 open up that barrier

that's gonna bring you into the upper

load and then from here you don't need

to have any more points to open up any

more doors come along here you'll be in

Castile in spring and then come upstairs

here and then you'll be placed in the

amphitheater now from here you can just

activate the central artifact what's

gonna happen it's gonna break you're

gonna notice a big flying ball above the

main area what in front and then I was

gonna come three orbs now these four

orbs is going to be skeletons coming

from the ground warrior skeletons that

you just want to shoot their heads once

you killed off one you'll notice your be

closed in and you won't be able to get

out this area until you've shot a number

of zombies now all these red are gonna

break these red gemstones are all gonna


and zombies are gonna come from and now

after a while after are so many of bloke

and you've shot quite a few zombies

you're gonna see your horse or your

unicorn to the side come from the sky

now he's gonna drop down and he's gonna

kill all these zombies as you can see

what here it's gonna let you kill em

with his voice lightning and once he is

killed pretty much most of them it's

then going to go wipe the screen and in

the middle you're gonna see that the

central artifact has now got Locker


next week around it now once that goes

and those two split off I will calm a

drop and that drop will be a maximum and

then this barrier will now be open so

that's the tutorial hope guys get too

close and I'll see you soon bye bye