Tour of the Secret Annex

the Frank family was a pretty average

middle-class liberal Jewish family whose

ancestors have lived in Germany for many

centuries the Franks are Germany is

their home so that made it difficult for

them to leave the Netherlands and start

a new life in 1933 away from the

anti-semitism of the newly employed

Nazis mr. Frank had known the fact that

they would have to go into hiding was

inevitable but on July 5th 1942 Margot

and oldest sister received a summons to

report to a Nazi concentration camp this

sped up the process of them going into

hiding the next day they would go into

hiding now let me give you a tour of the

place that the Frank family the van

Del's as well as mr. Doo so-called home

for two years while in hiding from the

front of the building it looks like a

pretty average business of the time but

the secret annex is actually a separate

building in a way it just has a kind of

breezeway between the two buildings the

entrance into the secret annex starts as

you go up this staircase that leads to

the second floor then at the end of the

hallway you go through this door which

leads you into the breezeway

between the two buildings this is the

movable bookcase that leads you into the

secret annex now if you move the

bookcase and go through this door then

you are met with three places that you

could turn to the left this is where the

Franks live and sit during each day and

then to the right there's the WC or the

bathroom we will start off by going to

the Franks room so if we go through this



this is the room where mrs. and mr.

Frank sleep as well as where the Frank

family sits during the quiet portion of

the day

now if we go into this door over here we

will be led into Anne's room which she

also shared with mr. Dussel here you can

see mr. du CIL's bed and this is Anne's

bed which has all of her celebrities

above it on the wall


this is Anne's desk and sitting on it is

the famous diary now if we go through

these doors we will be in the bathroom

or WC this bathroom consists of a toilet

sink mirror and down in the corner you

can see there is a washboard for washing

clothes now if we exit out this door we

will be back in the main entrance of the

annex if we go up to this staircase we

will be brought to the van Del's living

quarters this is where Peter and mrs.

and mr. van del lived and where both

families ate and hung out

in the corner here you can see mrs. van

Del's fur coat now if we enter this kind

of hidden door we will be in Peters room

which is more like a landing on the way

up to the attic Anne gave Peter some of

her celebrities to put on the wall to

make it feel more like a room if we go

up this ladder we will enter the attic

this is where Anne would come

occasionally and look through the window

at the trees outside and she would dream

of the day that she would be set free

this is pretty much it as far as the

annex goes it was a pretty small space

but they made do with what they had this

is it for the tour of the annex I hope

you enjoyed it and thanks for coming