Chromebook Keyboard Keys

your Chromebook keyboard on the

left-hand side if you take a look rather

than a cap sake you have a search so if

you click this key it's automatically

going to open up a browser so you can

search on Chrome other browsing tools at

the top of your screen you have your

forward and backward arrow these are for

your web browser so if you want to go

back to the last page you are working on

or forward you can hit either one of

these buttons to the right of that is

your reload button so if you click on

this key it'll reload and refresh the

webpage that you're on to the right of

that you have a button that lets you

create a full screen out of whatever

page that you're on next to that lets

you switch to any window that you're on

so if you have multiple windows you

click this and it lets you open up and

switch easily from one screen to the

next over on the right-hand side if you

take a look you have these little

starlight keys these lets you increase

and decrease the screen brightness to

the right of that you have three volume

keys the furthest left is to mute your

volume and then you can turn it down or

turn it up when you're listening to

audio finally you have your power button

the power button once you tap it it will

log you off and put your computer to

sleep if you hold it down it will turn

your computer off