god bless you all right while I give a

dinner in I'm recording this I will

upload it later

there is no missionary in the Bible

there's no licensed missionary in the

Bible there is not one licensed

missionary all the days of in

the Bible is no where the Bible where

God got license missionary just not

about properties in the Bible teaches in

the Bible preaches hid the Bible right

y'all why the women are not called

priestess but they call mission in good

living the living that told this out

here the Apostle Paul say I suffer not a

woman to teach or you serve a tours over

baby you need to look at that word you


he said I did he say I heared say Jesus

just like Paul said I would that you a

body with inside see you devil said that

Paul said they're not mad

but another play policy all equally I

say this if not Jesus ain't a knight now

did you go father said if we want to

pray a promise on whether he and I'll

cook way to bid you be terribly to hold

the donkey you who wanted to prophesy

but not you you want to teach or freak

you out so rabbit back now armed with

the holy God can hold of the hold oh no

no no no no si que pasa si yeah you

don't talk bad

but where we admission theory of the

Bible how can you over call you beat the

bow speak about all day the preacher the

bow speed our prophet s mission there is

not in the Bible

it's a preacher

look let me show you something a new

test a bit you remember the book of Acts

with Aquila and Priscilla Robin told

Apollo's the way of the Lord ball

perfectly you know that we're going that

you remember that Aquila and Priscilla

they teach at the career so you beat

that one under God they'd straight

Apollo's out it's a devil try tell me

they taught our man not Jessica quit

about Priscilla

get to the other acts 18th

AG doing that 24 that will circulate a

part of the ball the mangas that girl

and then abandoned might give the

scripture take the element

this man was instruct in the way of the

Lord and be it further than the spirit

he spake it talked into the things of

the law knowing all the baptism was off

and he began to speak boldly in the

synagogue who weird Aquila and Priscilla

heard they took him

you dog with you dog water could pull

you to the side

it's figure out what the Word of God in


you use the word of God to to kill and

it's founded up to him the way of God

more personally along with did then add

the may forgot about it

all right go look Olivia for

at 3:00 if I die I treat the also single


soon don't self-help dog women which

labored with me in the gospel not in the

kitchen not in the laundry room

but labeling me in the gospel you know

we are selling labor us in the gospel

ribbit about signal dividend lego-ball

you especially though that labor in

world and doctrine

did Priscilla may be a doctor is

straight-up appalled

a wallet did he do what I said did did

it all test the devil label it doctor

the law

they're tall women he said on whether

then they would be a big gospel

label would be in the gospel that be

they preach that teach the gospel how do

you labor in the gospel my god we will

go we won't a tan out the area here

about excuse to tell you you ain't no

missionary like a there was five

mr. David he's landed me she did know

all your days our preacher waka that man

did you keep the Word of God

did did they wobble teaser on pauses she

talked what she talked she taught the

word she had teeth no cookie clan she

taught the word and straighten him out

did she do help don't women then label

do it beard the gum hi your labor in the

gospel you better not tell a lie you say

they labor that be they went there be

the wet book is learn of his hat that be

they worked and they labeled it the

gospel not only clothes and cook it in

the gospel how your labor the God

your priest of God you teach the gospel

that's how you're living the gospel hey

don't listen either inspired vision

there you are preacher okay that's

enough of that

if you ain't your fellows you ain't told

about yeah I pull people pulling though

have a call

don't you own the five the cell doesn't

work well women reach those scripts are

reaching about being treat women read

all being and with it priests the word

not themselves all right that's enough

the real job if the God in the God you

Upstate godless God lives you are


Lindy like that

all right they do a dope the end of

missionary position in about for expired

dead he's Randy did you do that

call y'all won't say please don't come

tell me what this makes indeed years ago

don't you come telling me nothing he did

years ago you do it on your wall call a

priestess all right that's enough all

right god bless thank you sir