no no oh my days wait hang on a minute

guys this bit is

really funny it's hilarious wait for it

no you why do you have to switch it off

come on

oh my days no we gotta go to school guys

i know i know i know it's a long saddle

it's gta 5 but even the kids have to go

to school

really i can't just stay at home all day

but i'm sick you know i got a


no she's not believing it guys how come

you get to stay at home huh my dad gets

to stay on the laptop all day oh yeah as

if you're working i can see what you're

doing you're doing nothing there's

nothing on that screen

oh my days guys you probably know the

pain of having to wake up early and go

to school every single day so if you

want to just support this kid a little


smash like and let's see how many likes

we can get to because i don't want to

say this but this is my first day at


oh my days dude i can't believe this

we're actually going to school i am

really nervous like

really nervous guys i don't know anybody

guys we're picking up somebody oh my

days we might actually have a friend

come on

join the bus wow what a house he's got

as well guys

look at this place that car as well oh

my goodness

dude he must be mega rich he's staying

next to me look

we gotta try and make friends with him

dude he could be our first friend he

could be our friend for life you never

know you never know guys you never know


are we picking up anyone else on the way

this is really interesting and exciting

guys we might actually make some friends

before we arrive at school oh hang on a

minute i've got my phone haven't i

oh yes right you know what i'm gonna

watch some videos on the way

yes yes guys i can watch them and no

one's telling me otherwise now this

video is a really good one this one's a

great one guys wait for it wait see did

you see

look at that car just look at that car

it's oh my date it's amazing

another person guys we got another

friend yay we're actually making friends


all right come on don't be scared i know

it's the first day of school get on the


man why does everyone have a really nice

house like we live in a tiny house

these houses are mansions he has to sit

at the back of the bus of course he does

well uh we got two friends already guys

i've already introduced myself to one of

them and the other person seems

nice i guess i'm not as nervous today

i'm not as nervous today guys and you

will be getting closer towards the

school now i'm feeling a little bit

nervous not gonna lie

you guys know i'm nervous i mean it's

the first day of school i don't know

what to expect

hey good to meet you both uh your first

day as well yep

yep it's their first day as well guys

well i'm not as nervous now we got two

people with us

school starts in about 20 minutes and

she said i would be late guys i could

have easily watched the end of that

video but everyone here is so much older

like that guy's looking at me as if i'm

not meant to be here come on

i got school here as well dude why is

everybody looking at me come on mister

come on guys come on keep on doing your

thing okay you're just in class is

higher than me it doesn't matter anyway

what do you think the inside is gonna be

like like are the teachers gonna be nice

are we gonna learn really difficult

things are we gonna get

so much oh my days guys i just realized

we're gonna get so much homework yeah

we're not gonna have any time to ourself

anymore you hear me guys it's gonna be

homework after homework

guys they've opened the doors okay let's

take a look inside let's take a look


i am so nervous dude oh okay we just got

kicked out

yeah i'm confused as well let's go back


whoa everyone here is so much older are

we the only people in our year group i

love how these two are already trying to

escape like look at that guy

look there's no use we gotta go to

school today hey everybody hey oh my

days that person looks really mean

oh look at all the artwork okay so that

must be the teacher's class over there

no it's full at the moment so we're

gonna wait until that class is over

where's my locker

guys where's my locker excuse me why is

everyone looking at me

i don't like this dude uh why are you


through your chair lady what is going on

here oh

hello so this is the library and this

room is a stage

oh that's amazing we actually have a

school stage

oh guys i could play my guitar here i

actually bust don't know if you guys

knew this but i play musical instruments

and i bust this is kind of like the

clock room

nice okay we got a sofa around there

lots and lots of places to sit down and

watch you know what i got some spare

time until

class i'm gonna watch this lady keep it

up you're doing an amazing job

yes wow what a lonely crowd guys it is

just me really you could

someone else could have easily turned

out guys i mean come on it's amazing

music look at the lighting as well guys

this is quite high-tech not gonna lie

this is the library oh okay they got

like a cartoon book over there

liberty city pop art oh my days guys

it's probably one of those pop-out books

like you open it and the statue of

liberty comes out

oh that's amazing what other things do

we have perfume anderson

art of the landscape okay okay croaks a

history of time that sounds quite boring

um liberty city papa again it's all the

same stuff guys i mean i'm seeing a

trend here

i'm here to report an issue you've got

all the same books

oh can i take a can of cola no okay

we're not allowed to kind of cola oh

okay he's looking at me weird let's keep

on moving guys oh

hello what's through here this looks


yo okay they got like all these things


it's the stock room and it's locked come

on come on why is it locked there's got

to be a key around here somewhere my

mission today

is to get into the stock room i want to

get all of the sticky notes they have

and all of the rubbers and all of the

pencils and

everything basically this is the toilet

it's actually pretty big i'm quite happy

with it guys i think this is the male

toilet yep it is it is

good and the toilets are quite smelly uh

excuse me sir there is a free cubicle at

the end you don't need to you don't need

to wait there is a free cubicle no i'm

gonna leave him guys i'm gonna leave him

let's go he won't listen to a kid like


guys we're stuck in class this is not

how i wanted the videos to go you know i

wanted to be racing cars across the map

i wanted to be

or surrounded by zombies or tsunamis or

meteors not stuck in class

i'm so sorry about this like okay right

what's what's the problem today welcome


uh yep i know it's your first day thank

you why have you got an earpiece

are you listening into someone else what

is this place

oh my days well at least we got a class

of uh

of friends this is a very small year

it's just three of us

but um i'm sure we're gonna do okay you

know if everyone helps each other etc

we're gonna be fine

whoever was here last has stabbed the

pencil into the desk

was that out of anger or was it out of

fun something tells me that's out of


four times three that's twelve i know

that one don't worry

i got that one we're doing good we're

doing good guys

all right the next one give me the next

problem 16 times two ah


32 32 32 okay we got 32 guys nice

oh oh i'm really bad at maths

how am i supposed to get that so you

you do oh no i can't i can't do it guys

guys can you work this out if you know

the answer to this comment below because

i'm really struggling with this one

hey do you know the answer what you're

not telling me

come on come on dude i thought we were

friends you know what i'm gonna watch

some videos i

he won't be able to tell right if we use

our phone under the desk i'm sure he

won't be able to tell oh

my days he has no idea that we're

watching videos again

no no no no no don't confiscate my phone


we gotta give him my phone i'm so

annoyed i just look

your questions are too difficult for me

what can i say i was trying to use a

calculator huh

yeah he's not buying it well that's

class over for me we got lunch break now

and luckily i got myself a sandwich do

you want to know what it is do you want

to know what it is go on take a guess

take a guess guys

what sandwich do you think it is yep

that's right it's egg and cucumber

brilliant combination

one of my favorites guys i gotta plan

out my sleeve i know exactly what i'm

gonna do with my lunch break we're gonna


where everyone is and this seems

relatively busy i mean there's a few

people they're gonna love this guys if

we stand here and then three two

one all right bring out the guitar here

we go ladies

who wants to give me money anybody

anyone anyone guys come on come on look


how could you not give this kid money

guys i mean he's busking on campus this


entrepreneurship guys come on

guys if you want to give him some

support i know i said drop a like on the

video at the start but if you haven't

subscribed to the channel then please do

we're on a race to 5 million subscribers

and it would not only make my day but

you know

it would definitely make his especially

if you want to see him more in these

videos hang on a minute he's actually


yes we got some money yay you guys

subscribing really helped

oh my days well unfortunately that's all

i got time for today you have a good day

now buddy i

am gonna go and busk inside campus on

the stage i cannot wait

okay you guys ready for this i don't

think you're ready for this let's sit

on a chair yeah let's do that all righty

all righty everybody

don't mind me we're just gonna be

playing a guitar well at least we got

like an audience guys you know we got

two of our friends here both clapping i

mean one of them isn't clapping too

enthusiastically yeah yeah don't don't

bother smiling don't worry about that

the lady's a bit annoyed not gonna lie

she's been playing all day and we've

just kicked her off and let's be honest

guys we're way better than him

let's speed this up

what do you guys think now still still

not enthusiastic you're the worst

audience ever not gonna lie

at least you appreciate the efforts

we're putting into and there goes the

school bell we gotta go back to class

actually you know what i don't fancy

going to class today you know i don't

want to work out some of their difficult

problems i want to find the stock room


it's got to be here somewhere i mean

where do you think they would keep it

guys i mean i do have an idea

i do have an idea it could be in the


i mean i think it could be on this

person's desk or maybe

somewhere around here oh what if it's in

there okay this is the plan i'm gonna

wait until she moves away and then we're

gonna search the cabinet until we find

the key all right guys don't mind me i'm


uh you know i got stuff to do we gotta

search the area for a key yeah

okay oh the keys guys we found some keys

these might be the ones all right pick

them up and let's go

oh will it unlock the door three two

one yes we're in

look at this blaze he hasn't noticed me

yet guys he's still fixing whatever's in


what are you doing buddy what's going on

look at all the stock they have

paintings they have all of these

memorabilia bits how exciting this is


okay well i'm gonna get out of here i

really thought there were lots of

rubbers and pencils and stuff to take

but clearly that is not the case

wait hang on a minute class has already

started guys oh i don't want to be seen

by the teachers because you know they

know i'm dodging the class

but i need to get my phone oh no what

are we supposed to do now okay we're

gonna blend in until the bell goes and

then we're gonna try and find our phone

how's it going guys

oh guys it's getting late it's getting

really late everyone's gone

but i still need to get my phone so

where's my phone

can someone please tell me where it is

hello hello you took my phone away

ma'am where's the phone really i can't

see it anywhere dude do you see a phone

here oh

no what if they took it home with them

dude i may never get my phone again i'm

annoyed okay tomorrow i will ask them

where that is oh

man what if they've lost it what if

they've given it to somebody else

dude i'm never gonna be able to watch

videos again doesn't matter guys i gotta

go home

wait until my parents hear about this

they're gonna be furious

hello hello they're both out guys

got the house to ourselves though that's

pretty amazing how about we cook

ourselves some uh some pasta

we could eat anything we want to and

they can't tell me what to do all right

i'm gonna drink

not the green juice no we're not gonna

drink any of that i wanna get some soda

and i wanna cook some pasta guys tonight

is gonna be an amazing night

and i am not looking forward to tomorrow

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