The African savannah,Where is the savanna in Africa?,What is the most famous savanna in Africa?




the amount of precipitation gradually

decreases north and south of the equator

and its distribution becomes uneven as

the amount of rainfall decreases the

landscape changes significantly

evergreen rainforests are replaced by

tropical deciduous forests and savannas


however there are different types of

savanna based on the amount of


there are savannas where either trees or

shrubs or grasses dominate the landscape

the largest contiguous savanna in the

world is in Africa it covers about

one-third of the continent with regard

to precipitation two seasons alternate

in the savanna wet and dry numerous

animal species live on the African

savannas the various species can be

categorized into two groups predators

and prey more than 40 grazing species

roam the savannas including giraffes

elephants and antelopes these herbivores

feed on grasses and leaves this is the

exact opposite of the diet of lions who

are the apex predators on the savanna

however it is quite common to see

antelopes grazing near sleeping Lions

antelopes are highly alert and can sense

when Lions are hungry in which case they

have to escape as fast as they can

although the savanna may seem peaceful

at first the animals living there face

constant danger