Car Seat Safety: Front-facing Install & Child Placement

this seat here is designed for 210 years

of age and order you do a hundred pound

child so what we're gonna do today is

we're going to use the latch system and

this seat is already equipped with it of

course and what we're gonna do is we're

gonna locate the latch mechanism and on

this seat here if you can see it we've

got these little buttons that are

located on the back of the seat and

directly underneath this is where the

latch is again what we want to do is we

want to take these wanna hook them from

the top down so I can feel in there

and that one there it's nice install it

again from the top down and at this

point what we want to do is we just want

to reach in behind the beat or the seat

and all we're gonna do is we'll just

cinch this thing down as tight as we can

and sometimes you just got to kind of

work it a little bit and then it's

sometimes even easier if you just climb

up in it put a little bit of pressure in

the seat with your knee and get it in


when they go forward facing what we're

looking for is no movement within the

seat and the forward facing will have

three points of contact one on each side

there and then we've also got the top

tether strap which if you can't find the

location for this strap again you can

refer to your owner's manual and it will

show where the hook is

for this top strap there's an airflow

kata directly behind the seat and I'm

just going to slide this underneath the

headrest go towards the back of your

vehicle and snug it down we've located

the hook for the outside position here

and again we're just going to take this

and hook it for the bottom up and where

the tightening strap is all in line and

at that point all we are is a little bit

of pressure on it

cinch it down and we're good at that

all right so the first thing this one

right through there for me there you go

perfect I like that and one of the

biggest problems that we see is his

chest buckle ends up working its way

down and people like it down there but

that's not where we want we want it up

here once we get it in we've got the

tightening strap down here and we want

to Snug it up keep this down here where

it needs to be a shoulder strap and

again if we can pinch this together then

it's a little bit too loose and as you

can see we're nice and tight there and a

pedestrian us you just pull on the strap

a little bit in your gear