What's the Safest Place on Earth?

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Living on earth in the modern world is the

safest time to be alive in all of human

history so far, thanks to achievements in medicine,

science, peace and technology we can live

a healthier

longer and more peaceful life than any

generation of humans before us, but

where exactly on earth is the

absolute safest place for you to live in?

In other words

where are you statistically least likely to experience any kind of

pain or suffering during your lifetime?

There are a few possible places for you to consider,

so lets go through them.

The first criteria that we'll be using is Life Expectancy.

Residents of these ten countries live the longest lives anywhere in the world.

But none as long as Monaco,

Where the average life expectancy for men and women

is an incredible 89.5 years

One trick to live a longer lifetime is to be the correct gender.

Women all around the world,

live longer lives than men do on average.

But here in Monaco,

they have a life expectancy of 93.5 years,

the longest anywhere on Earth.

If your biggest fear is being murdered, by another human,

then you should consider living in one of these 10 countries

that have the lowest intentional homicide rates.

Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein and San Marino

all reported not a single murder

in the previous year. While Japan

has the lowest homicide rate of any country in the world

that's not a city or a micro-state.

While your chances of being murdered in Japan

are astronomically lower than almost

anywhere else, your chances of being the victim of

a natural disaster, like a tsunami or an earthquake

are astronomically higher at the same time.

10 countries where you are

less likely to become a victim however, are these.

Which also happen to be the 10 countries where natural disasters

happen least often.

Qatar tops this list as the country where you're least likely

to ever be a victim of a disaster.

While neighbouring Saudi Arabia,

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates

also score very highly here.

As far as the overall happiness of a country's population however,

Scandinavia dominates the list.

With Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Sweden

all placing in the top 10

happiest countries.

Happiness is measured by high GDP per capita,

high life expectancy,

freedom to make life choices

and low corruption. and all of Scandinavia excels

in all of these areas.

A few other countries around the world are also pretty happy places,

but Scandinavia also dominates

the list of countries with the greatest amount of Freedom of the Press.

With the same five countries, once again, being in the top ten.

You're least likely to be attacked or persecuted for what you write

in these countries. And unsurprisingly,

Scandinavia also scores highly in the top 10 Least

Air Polluted countries.

With Sweden, Iceland and Finland all scoring highly here.

Canada, Australia, and especially New Zealand,

also have some of the cleanest air

to breathe in the world. So

your risk of getting lung or respiratory diseases,

in any of these is significantly lower than elsewhere.

As far as being a danger to yourself is concerned

however, the islands of the Caribbean

tend to have the lowest suicide rates.

With Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,

the Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados and

and especially Antigua and Barbuda having the lowest in the world.

If dying from disease is what you're most terrified by however,

then you should know that these 10 countries

are where you're odds of death from a non-communicable

disease are the lowest.

Switzerland, Japan and Iceland are all

equally safe in this regard. But

Iceland excels in one more final category.

The Global Peace Index ranks

every country in the world, every year,

from least safe, to most safe.

And this year in 2017, they've awarded the title of the

safest country on Earth to none other than

Iceland. You may have noticed that Iceland

has absolutely excelled in nearly all of these

categories. Since it placed in the Top 10 for

Lowest risk of dying from a non communicable disease,

the Happiest countries in the world,

Lowest risk of being natural disaster victim,

Lowest amount of Air Pollution

Highest life-expectancy, Freedom of the Press and overall

safest countries in the world.

In addition Iceland has had a total of

one person killed in any military conflicts

in the last nearly 500 years!.

And it was during an argument

over fishing rights with the United Kingdom in the 1970's.

Police violence is also incredibly rare,

since Icelandic police have only ever claimed the life

of one person in the entire country's

modern history.

So the case is very strong for Iceland being the

safest place to live out your life in the entire world.

But other places that scored highly in all of

these categories would make for a good secondary alternative

safe place are Switzerland,

Denmark, Norway

Sweden, Finland, Spain, Monaco

Austria, Singapore, Brunei,

Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

But if you're like me, then the safest place

you'll look forward to going to every night is your own bed.

You will spend one third of your entire lifetime sleeping,

so you may as well make it as comfortable

and as safe an experience as possible.