What Continent Is Russia In?


why is it maps of European countries

include Russia but maps of Asian

countries also include Russia is Russia

in Europe or is Russia in Asia how can

it be in two places at once well it's


so let's start with what exactly is a

continent there are many contradicting

ways the continents are defined some say

it's a large expanse of continuous land

that's separated from other continents

by water

however Greenland's considered an island

while Australia gets to be called a

continent sort of if this definition was

the only one that we followed north from

South America would be considered one

large continent since the only thing

separating them is the man-made Panama

Canal same thing goes for the Suez Canal

that separates Africa from Asia other

ways that continents are defined are

using the tectonic plates or using

boundaries based off of cultural

differences a combination of these

definitions is how we've come to the

conclusion that there are seven

continents however geographers are now

saying that maybe it should only be six

Asia and Europe are actually on the same

tectonic plate this leads many to call

it Eurasia a supercontinent so what does

split Eurasia into Asia and Europe as

always it's complicated see way back in

700 BC Greek geographers had split the

known world into three parts Asia Europe

and Africa the border of Asia and Europe

was along the Rio near ever in

present-day Georgia by 320 BC the

division had moved to follow the Don

River west of the Urals in present-day

Ukraine it wasn't until 1725 when German

geographer Philip Johann van Stromberg

used the modern-day boundary along the

Ural Mountains that we got a more

geographically significant board

unfortunately there's still some

problems with this method of splitting

Asia and Europe

aside from being a vague border that

still confuses many people the Urals go

straight through Russia this brings us

to the original question is Russia in

Europe or is Russia and Asia so

according to experts maps professionals

in the world of politics about 77% of

Russia is located within the borders of

Asia yet of the over a hundred and forty

four million people that live in Russia

75% live on the European side in the end

Russia is truly a one-of-a-kind country

that is part of two continents at once

well sort of one of

because the thing is there's other

countries in the same boat Turkey

Russia's nearby neighbor is also on

multiple continents France has a

territory on almost every continent

around the world and Egypt's

northeastern corner actually resides in

Asia though the rest is in Africa ok

so Russia isn't the one-of-a-kind

intercontinental country that it seems

to be at first glance however it's still

very unique very few countries have so

many cultures and Heritage's within its

borders so while most of the Russian

population is in Europe and many call it

a European country Russia just like the

people that live there is a blend of

both Asia and Europe hey thanks so much

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