Driving a stock Jeep Wrangler up the Rubicon Trail



the sky is blue got me Rubicon oh and

the Jeep Wrangler has been synonymous

with off-road since World War two so you

know a really long time and I've come

out here to the beautiful Rubicon Trail

to see if its namesake the jeep wrangler

rubicon with the 2 liter turbo engine

has what it takes to conquer it

completely stock so let's get on out

saddle up get to the trailhead and see

what this baby can do

now I don't even find this hard to

believe but um I have never been on the

river contrail before I know it's crazy

right so what came first the Rubicon

Trail or the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon this

was an old a Native American walking

trail that went from the Sacramento

Valley to Lake Tahoe and then it was

rediscovered by some settlers in the

mid-1800s and then by 1890 it was used

as a regular Road this is crazy

can you imagine running a covered wagon

on this thing and basically right now

I'm in a riverbed like it's just all

rocks just a riverbed of rocks and it's

like yeah sure we can just go on that no

problem I mean it's slow don't get me

wrong you could walk faster than we're

going in this thing but it's still

amazing the fact that there is a vehicle

whose world stock off the showroom floor

stock wheels stock tires stock

suspension everything that just doesn't

now the last generation Wrangler that JK

was a really solid vehicle but this one

the JL is even better I know it's tough

to believe but let's check it out the

new JL is about a hundred and fifty

pounds lighter thanks to the use of

lightweight aluminum and magnesium but

the Rubicon remains the top dog in the

lineup with a four to one low range for

2018 that famous seven slot grill got a

bit of a redesign it kind of takes on a

retro Jeep CJ look which is pretty cool

last year's 32 inch BFG ko2 tires have

been replaced with larger 33 s and the

ground clearance is up three quarters of

an inch to ten point eight inches while

the wheelbase has stretched just a bit

as well

magically that breakover angle increased

up to 23 degrees for the 4-door and

improved Sunrider soft top is easier to

deal with yep no more zippers it's not

really a Wrangler unless you can take

off the doors a half door will be

available in 2019 but going full-on

doorless is the most fun way that you

can get really really dirty the approach

angle is up to 44 degrees on the Rubicon

so feel free to hit most obstacles

straight on new this year is a 2 liter

turbocharged engine with 295 pound-feet

of torque that's more twisting power


standard v6 you know I could sit here

and talk specs with you all day long and

what really matters with a Wrangler and

especially with the Rubicon is how it

makes you feel I mean I feel so

incredibly powerful it can take me

anywhere I have the freedom to do what I

want when I want to do it and that my

friends is priceless so I look at some

of these things that they have us do and

I'm like you're out of your mind so

right now we're going through

essentially a crevice it's like super

steep on one side and I cannot believe

I'm gonna do this okay

yeah yeah thumbs up okay sure I'm sure

it's fine uh oh I'm in there right now

oh look at that coming out yeah I can't

see my wheels I can't see the front end

I have no idea what's happening but it's

so much fun I feel so powerful my green

Jeep my miss Hulk she's spitting rocks

out cuz she's so strong miss holt I love

it love it love it I did not know that

it was this cult I did not know that it

was this rocky I did not know that it

was this slow I'm amazed at what this

stock vehicle is doing number one but

number two it means that I have the

ovaries to do it there's no way I can be

getting this right but I guess I am

so of course the jeep had a two-speed

transfer case right you're not gonna be

doing all of this rock climbing in four

hi so we are in for lo and the cool

thing about it is in this automatic

transmission I have a final crawl ratio

of about 77 to one okay well what does

that mean basically that means that I've

got all of this torque just multiplied

multiplied multiplied so that by the

time he gets to my wheels I don't even

really need to use the gas at all I mean

I can just go to up hill here so I do

have my foot on the gas but I can just

kind of lift my foot off the gas like

I'm doing right now and the Jeep just

does its own thing so there's all kinds

of other body protection which is

allowed me to go over these rocks and

not have to worry about putting a hole

in my transfer case but I guess the Jeep

can take it so the jl has increased in

wheelbase by about two inches but

through the magic of packaging they were

able to keep or even better

the breakover angle so it's at about 28

degrees of a break over angle just

really good when you're trying to get

over Peaks that are like this approach

angle is 44 degrees so you can really

hit steep things straight on with a lot

of momentum if you need to and departure

angle is about 37 degrees so again when

you're coming off of things you've got a

lot of room there to slide your butt

down the rock and not damage the rear of

your car so the Rubicon comes standard

with a sway bar disconnect which is

gonna give me a lot of articulation

going up and over some of these rocks

and the the new jail has got a better

turning radius then the JK so I'm able

to get through some of these really

really tiny tiny spots and not have to

do a three-point turn it's like the

neverending story but it's the never

ending rock crawl alright so now we're

gonna go from the riverbed

we're never ending riverbed onto some

slick rock granite

so this is gonna be a real test of these

tires because we have not aired down so

I have not as big of a contact patch as

I could have and I'm going uphill at a

really slow starting really slowly he's

just going to stand there in front of me

oh my god that was amazing that was

amazing so we've been on the trail for

oh I don't know

six hours maybe she's probably gone five


six miles I've doubt we've done six

miles we've only gone five miles but one

after another after another it just

beats you up both a man and machine but

it comes down to this

would I buy the new jail and it really

depends on what you're gonna use it for

right so for me I know that I'm gonna

need to toast stuff the Jeep's got a tow

rating of about thirty five hundred

pounds that's just on the edge of what I

need to Toso it doesn't really allow me

for any extras so if you know you're

gonna be going out and you want to like

bring your toy hauler or something like


it's not gonna happen when you go out in

your Jeep it's basically just you you're

gonna be camping you're not gonna have

any of the comforts of some kind of you

know fifth wheel or anything like that

so if you know you're gonna be towing

you might be better off with the truck

you know a raptor Chevy zr2

a toyota tacoma something like that but

would I take any of those vehicles stock

on the Rubicon Trail oh no I would not


there might be other trails out there

that have more difficult obstacles than

the Rubicon but they don't have the same

consistency of obstacles this is just

bang bang bang one right after another

constant banging on your body and on

your Jeep and yet here we are off the

trail I've driven on the pavement for a

few miles and this ad tracks perfectly

straight you know when it comes to just

wanting to really beat up on your

vehicle there's nothing for it but a