Jordan River, Israel, Bible Events and Miracles along the Jordan River, John & Jesus Baptismal Sites

welcome to the Holy Land in the biblical

site of the Jordan River

see the Bible come to life as we see

some events that happened along its

shores the Jordan River is mentioned in

the Bible over a hundred and eighty

times and the Jordan River is runs from

the north of the country from Mount

Hermon all the way to the Dead Sea the

Jordan River runs into the Sea of

Galilee and then out of the Sea of

Galilee down to the Dead Sea along the

Jordan River is the area that lot chose

to settle in we're just going to look at

some of the historical things that

happened along these shores fascinating

things that happened here right along

the beautiful Jordan River in Genesis

1310 it says and lot lifted up his eyes

and saw the Jordan Valley was well

watered everywhere like the garden of

the Lord like the land of Egypt in the

direction of Zoar this was before the

Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah says

the text and then the Israelites camped

along the Jordan River they camped on

the opposite side of Jericho before they

entered into the Promised Land in Joshua

3 1 it says then Joshua rose early in

the morning and they set out from

shittim and they came to the Jordan he

and all the people of Israel and lodged

there before they passed over and then

after they miraculously crossed over the

Jordan River we know the story where the

priests went down in with the ark and

then God stopped the Jordan River on one

end and then the people walked across

the Jordan River on dry ground in the

same way that walked across the debt of

the Red Sea on dry ground so it says

here in Joshua 3:13 it says and when the

soles of the feet of the priest burying

the Ark of the Lord the Lord of all the

earth shall rest on the waters of the

Jordan and the waters of the Jordan

shall be cut off from flowing and the

water is coming down from from

shall stand in one heap so it stood in

one heap on one side and stop continue

flowing and they walked across on dry

ground so miraculously and then they

went into the Promised Land conquered

Jericho and went into the Promised Land

a name in the the leper was healed here

in the Jordan River by the prophet

Elijah it says in second Kings at 5:10

it says an Elijah sent a messenger to

him saying go and wash in the Jordan

seven times and your flesh shall be

restored and you shall be clean but

naman was angry and went away saying

behold I thought that he would surely

come out to me and stand and call upon

the name of the Lord his God and wave

his hand over the place and cure the let

the leprosy are not a banna and far

further the rivers of Damascus better

than all the waters of Israel so naman

was perturbed was bothered that he had

to go and dip in the water of the Jordan

River seven times he thought the rivers

in Damascus were just as well and that

the prophet Elijah should just kind of

wave his magic wand over him without him

going into the water could I not wash

them and be clean so he turned and went

away in rage he was angry and then the

servants came near him and said my

father it is a great word the prophet

has spoken to you will you not do it has

he actually said to you Washington be


so he went down and dipped himself

several seven times in the Jordan

according to the word of the man of God

and his flesh was restored like the

flesh of a little child and he was clean

a miracle was performed here in the

Jordan River by Elijah that made the

head of an axe float and it was

performed right here in second Kings a66

it says then the man of God said where

did it fall so they were out chopping

wood and an axe fell and the man

couldn't find the head of his axe we

asked Elisha and he likes it says well

where did it fall and the man says well

right over here and when he showed him

the place he cut off a stick and threw

it in

there and made the iron float and he

said take it up so he reached out and

took it up John the Baptist baptized

right along the Jordan River

Matthew three five and six says then

Jerusalem and all Judea and all the

region about the Jordan were going out

to him and they were baptized by him in

the Jordan River confessing their sins

Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River

by John the Baptist

Matthew 313 says then Jesus came from

Galilee to the Jordan to John to be

baptized by him the disciples of Jesus

baptized many in the Jordan River John

4:1 says now when Jesus learned that the

Pharisees had heard that Jesus was

making and baptizing more disciples than

John although Jesus himself did not

baptize but only his disciples so here

we see that the disciples were baptizing

the Jordan River as well and the Jordan

River is also the main source of life

for this Israelis today for the for the

country of Israel it provides up to 1/3

to 1/2 of all of the water for the

Jordan waters many fertile valleys south

of the Sea of Galilee and even north of

the Sea of Galilee the Israelites were

totally dependent and the Israelis today

are totally dependent upon this River

here for their sustenance it is their

life that the Israelites and the

Israelis today our desert people

and so when Christ said that I am the

water of life they fully understood what

he was saying that he was the source of

all life that without him

there was no life whatsoever so so here

we are

on this beautiful stretch of the Jordan

River and it is a fascinating place

whereby see a little waterfall here so

hopefully this gives you an idea of what

the Jordan River looks like not all of

it looks like this right here we've

selected a nicer part obviously but we

hope that you have seen and learned from

the scriptures some of the amazing and

significant things from Scripture that

took place here along its shores so

thank you for watching and