10 Of The Richest Cities In The World

according to reports global wealth has

increased by almost 60% over the past

decade a new breed of wealthy people

those with 30 million dollars or more in

assets are known as ultra high-net-worth

individuals or UHMW eyes so where and

how do these people live the answer

wherever they want but as it turns out

they generally like the same cities no

matter what their background let's take

a look at the ten richest cities in the

world Mumbai

Mumbai formerly Bombay is the largest

and most populous city in India it's the

financial center as well as the fashion

and textile center of the country with a

thriving port on the Arabian Sea Mumbai

is considered to be India's equivalent

of Silicon Valley since technology

companies were enticed by low rent and

infrastructure improvements and since

India's financial growth over the last

10 years has been strong and healthy

Mumbai is now one of the richest cities

in the world

when bhai's economy was recently

measured based on private wealth of the

individuals living in the city which

includes their assets and property -

businesses and liabilities based on that

recent measurement the city's wealth is

estimated to be a whopping 950 billion

dollars from a lifestyle perspective

Mumbai is one of the safest cities in

the world

both street and organised crime are well

controlled however despite its lovely

weather and positive growth

unfortunately Mumbai is currently

suffering from one of the most common

problems among thriving growing cities

air and water pollution Seoul South

Korea's capital city Seoul is by far the

largest the city is quirky with drastic

lifestyle contrasts such as ancient

traditions coexisting with cutting-edge

technology serene Buddhism life along

with high-pressure education and endless

rows of monotonous gray apartment

buildings flanked by extraordinary

architecture its growth and wealth are

reflected in the skyscrapers that keep

rising throughout the city and a

sophisticated subway system which is the

third largest in the world Seoul is home

to some of the biggest global companies

amongst Seoul's 25 districts the

wealthiest and most famous is the

Gangnam district which was recently made

famous by psy song Gangnam

style the song openly lampooned the

wealth and ostentatious nature of the

district the area is known for its

exorbitant real estate prices luxury

living and wealthy residents who are

often Korean celebrity property in

Gangnam is three and a half times more

expensive than the average in South

Korea known as the Beverly Hills of

South Korea the Gangnam district is rife

with luxury fashion boutiques plastic

surgery clinics and high-end shopping

areas the streets are lined with luxury

vehicles like Mercedes Tesla's and

Porsches all an indication of the

importance of status symbols in the

Gangnam district all part of living in

Gangnam style San Francisco San

Francisco makes the list with the

typical household in the Bay Area

earning close to $100,000 a year and

that rate is quickly growing

additionally San Francisco's current

unemployment rate is only 2.7 percent

which is one of the lowest rates in the

entire US the thriving technology-driven

wealth is the reason for San Francisco's

top ranking as one of the wealthiest

cities in the world and accounts for its

continued growth there are reportedly

the most billionaires per capita in San

Francisco than any other city in the

world for every 11,000 600 residents

there is one billionaire this ratio is

considered to be the highest of all the

world's wealthy cities in San

Francisco's overall population is less

than a million

San Francisco was headquarters to tech

and finance giants such as Twitter's

Cisco Systems Wells Fargo Bank and uber

all who attract educated global job

seekers with high salaries as salaries

rise so does the wealth of the city

Shanghai China ranks highly on a list of

the world's richest cities with four of

its cities on the top 10 list one of

which is Shanghai Shanghai ranks highly

among the richest cities with total

private wealth at about two trillion

dollars it's the financial center of

China and home to the world's fourth

largest stock exchange market it's also

a major shipping and trading city

because of its geographic location as a

major port and has been called the

world's busiest container port Shanghai

has been named Asia's most expensive

city for a variety of luxury goods and

services where residents splurge on

lifestyle spending prices of luxury

homes have been climbing in the

exclusive neighborhoods

which gave Shanghai its nickname of

Paris of the East London London has

always been a mecca for the super-rich

with more five-star hotels than any

other city in the world

London attracts billionaires like no

other plays mega rich individuals

flocked to London from all over the

world with diverse backgrounds and

varying sources of wealth of the

billionaires who call London home five

of them are from Sweden and you guessed

it they are IKEA heirs four of them are

from Russia and a hedge fund billionaire

from Chicago recently bought a one

hundred twenty two million dollar

property just steps from Buckingham

Palace other wealthy individuals have

come to settle from all over the world

including from India

Iceland Egypt Australia and Asia new tax

laws in Switzerland have caused a

significant shift for new global wealth

so many ultra high-net-worth individuals

are looking to London instead of

Switzerland for investment and property

london's rich history geographic

location and its long-established

lifestyle of wealth continue to lure

investors to london even despite recent

concerns about brexit Beijing Beijing

China boasts a storied history of more

than 3000 years and it has been the

capital city for the powerful liao

jin-hwan ming and qing dynasties to this

day the city maintains the historical

culture and significance established by

the prosperous five dynasties over the

years the streets are as orderly as a

chess board and they integrate the

traditional Chinese tenets of

Confucianism and Taoism among modern

technology and innovation today Beijing

is known as the nerve center of China's

political system Communist Party

Chairman Xi Jinping is based there as

are the People's Liberation Army's

leaders as well as China's other main

central government organizations Beijing

hosts the homes of many of China's

billionaires as they benefit from the

city's rich ecosystem of politics

investment opportunity innovation and

universities the tech field and not

surprisingly generated more than 1/3 of

Beijing's ultra-high net worth

individual residents Moscow Moscow is a

medieval city that dates back to the

year 11:47 located on the banks of


ever it is now the capital of Russia

with 90% of its inhabitants being

Russians it is one of the most populous

cities in Europe and according to a

recent Forbes fall the Russian capital

is home to 79 billionaires which is why

it ranks among the richest cities in the


some of the wealthy residents of Moscow

include magnates investors CEOs and

presidents of major corporations now

even more of the world's ultra rich

residents are making Moscow their home

as the global population of the

extremely wealthy is on the rise

the city is the political economic

financial and educational capital of

Russia the historical architecture and

its iconic mix of past and present are

appealing to many Europeans and as the

ultra wealthy flock to Moscow the

percentage of Russian inhabitants in the

city is expected to decrease making it a

more worldly and welcoming environment

for outsiders Shenzhen the Chinese city

of Shenzhen has stolen the crown as

China's most expensive housing market

after a huge real-estate boom there

averaged new home prices jumped almost

40% in 2015 in Shenzhen as a result of a

major surge in population growth

Shenzhen's population exploded by over 2

million people in the span of just two

years since many immigrants came to work

for leading finance and tech companies

that are headquartered there dubbed the

Silicon Valley of China Shenzhen saw new

economic growth as it became the home

for about 10 percent of new startups in

China which encourages entrepreneurship

and innovation for example Shenzhen is

home to Internet giant's Tencent and

dodge young innovation technology one of

the world's largest drone manufacturers

additionally economic and financial

reform in China has attracted many

foreign banks and leading financial

institutions to Shenzhen in recent years

and once known to be a city of


Shenzhen is actively seeking to reinvent

itself as a creative hub for the new

economic vision of China and the city is

positioning itself to attract innovation

design and new technology the city's

initiatives are supported by China's

central government and Shenzhen hopes to

take on the role of a trailblazing model

city for the rest of the country New

York New Yorkers will be the first to

tell you

that New York City is the greatest city

in the world but according to a new

study it is the best city in the world

for the world's richest people the Big

Apple took first place in every category

that wealthy people consider overall

desirability well investment opportunity


and future the report also noted that

the number of wealthy individuals

millionaires and billionaires has grown

substantially in the u.s. in the past

five years there are 20% more

millionaires and billionaires in the

States since 2014 with New York having

the most household income with over

$250,000 a year salary New York is the

center of the world's financial markets

fashion boo entertainment culture and

architecture it has world-class

unparalleled ultra luxury residential

opportunities for those who can afford

them the city has withstood historical

strife uncertainty but has proven to be

one of the most resilient urban

environments in the world it's heart and

character continues to make New York

City attractive to the wealthy and

conversely equally attractive to the

starving artists Hong Kong neck-and-neck

with New York City Hong Kong is a

contender for the world's richest city

according to a recent report from the

high-net-worth intelligence and data

company wealth eggs the richest city in

the world is now Hong Kong by a small

margin Hong Kong's population of

residents with a net worth of at least

30 million dollars has jumped by more

than 30 percent in one year

New York's increase of the same was in

the single digits at a mere seven

percent it is well known that Hong Kong

was poised to take over New York as the

world's millionaire and billionaire

capital of the world as wealth is

exploding across Asia Hong Kong

specifically is seeing tremendous market

growth in real estate and with Hong

Kong's high population of super-rich

people in the world growing as wealth

attracts wealth it shows that parts of

the world outside of the US and Europe

keep getting richer while the u.s. in

general is still by far the most ultra

wealthy country in the world the

substantial growth in Asia foreshadows a

more balanced distribution of global

wealth in the future

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