Chromebook Keyboard Buttons

hey everybody in this episode I'm going

to show you what all the different keys

are in the keyboard and just kind of

explain how to navigate certain things

on our Chromebooks so if we start over

here on this left side this is your

control key you're not going to using

this much in class however the shift key

that's how you make capital letters so

you would hold down shift generally if

you're doing with correct for me on hold

down shift with your pinky and then use

the capital letter but especially as

you're in a younger grade hold down the

shift button and then press whatever key

that you want to be capital or if you

wanted to do something like the

explanation point or the @ sign those

are the above the 12 and the three if

you want to do any of those things you

got to hold down the shift button and

then press one or then press to this

next thing this is our search button so

you can just press this and it will do a

google search really convenient tab this

is how you move you can tab over inside

word documents and then I really want to

talk about this top row so everything on

this top row these are like shortcut

keys escape if you ever need to get out

of something press the escape button esc

that's that one right there and then if

you want to move back and forth between

pages you'd click that if you need to

refresh your website page so for example

if you were on you know if you are

typing and then it froze so you could

reset it right there to go into full

screen you're going to press this button

let me zoom in a little bit yeah so this

one I here's the full screen right here

this one not sure what that one does

this right here is your brightness so if

you want to make your screen less bright

if you want to make it more bright and

then moving down to the end this is your

sound to do no sound you're going to

click this so if you if your computer's

making noise or making sounds to turn

off the sound click this button and then

this is to make the sound like less loud

or quieter

and this is to make the sound louder and

then of course there's our power button

right there that's how we turn it on and

off and then very important I have to

stress this with some of the younger

kids a lot this is the enter button so

after you type in whatever website you

want to type in you have to press the

enter button in order to get there and

then we have our arrow keys these are

really powerful if you want to move down

a page or move up a page like let's say

you're scrolling a website or you're

reading things use these use these arrow

keys they'll help you to move from side

to side or move up and down to see

things a little better I hope this helps

let me know if you have any questions

about the keys on the keyboard otherwise

I am signing out and i'll see you guys

next time