i751 - i797 - USCIS receipt number not recognized

hello everyone so if you're filing for I

seven five one and you get a seven nine

seven notice of action letter

essentially asks you to enter a receipt

number to check your status and my

receipt number was not working so I just

called USCIS and essentially what I

found out is basically the letter said

that the permanent resident card was

extended by one year and after I spoke

to us CAS they said that this receipt

number will not actually be found

basically within the next thirty days we

will get a letter we should get a letter

for a fingerprint appointment and if we

do not have to call them again basically

after this fingerprint appointment you

will receive another letter with a

receipt number that you will be able to

check the status of so don't worry if

your status number is not coming up here

you can give us a quick call but on you

should be all set just hang out wait for

the fingerprint appointment and after

that you should be all set and also if

you're worried about possibly losing

your job or for your permanent resident

card expiring they said that the seven

nine seven notice of action letter with

your permanent resident card could be

used to validate and prove that your

status has been extended and essentially

that you can continue working so if

anyone's looking about this this is what

I was told at USCS just now so I don't

worry and just give them a quick call