How to Find Your USCIS Case Status


how to check your case

status with uscis

many people want to know what is going

on with their immigration

case after they have submitted an

application to uscis

this whole process can be very


because you send in your application get

a receipt

and then hear nothing after your

application is received by uscis you

will receive a letter from them stating

that they received it

this will include a receipt number and

your priority date

this date is the day they received your

application and moving forward

this will be the date that is used to

determine where you stand in line for

the next available visa or other

immigration benefit for which you


keep in mind that if you are sent a

request for evidence or notice of intent

to deny

your application may be delayed as those

are processed

uscis has two ways for you to check your

case status online

you can go to their site here and enter

the receipt number

remember the receipt number is on the

top of the letter

i 797c you received back from uscis

when they told you they got your

application this is a 13 digit number

and usually starts with three letters

such as eac

followed by 10 numbers do not include

the dashes when you enter your number

you can also register with uscis and

check your case status through an

account you set up for your yourself

registering here will also allow you to

update uscis with any address

changes remember you must update uscis

with a new address within 10 days of

moving so it is a good idea to use this


keep a record print out the paper with

the date you updated it

when you do update them because uscis is

known to lose this information and you

will need proof if this happens

uscis claims that they update

individuals case statuses throughout the


we have not found this to be true most

people find that this status seems to

stay the same

even after they have received letters

with a change in status

another way to check your status is by

calling uscis

keep in mind when you are calling you

are reaching people in a call

center they can only answer a limited

number of questions about your case

status and it is often only what you can

see online

if you need more detailed information

they will often escalate your call

they will say they are sending it to a

supervisor or level 2

and then they will transfer you to a

system that says you have a wait time

or you can leave your phone number and

receive a return call

we have not seen any consistent success

with getting a return

call sometimes you do and sometimes you


if you want to get a live person when

calling uscis call their number

one eight hundred three seven five five

two eight three

monday through friday 8 a.m to 8 p.m

eastern time

then press 1 for english 1

2 2 this will take you to a live person