What is the meaning of the receipt number on a form I-797 : U.S Immigration Attorney

so in this video kind of like basic

immigration concepts how do we actually

read a UCAS receipt number what does it

mean all these numbers that they have

they're explaining the the receipt

number what each number means you

understand how they do this one of these

wec ECL all that what it means so watch

this video and let's talk about it in

this video we'll try to understand the

USA s receipt number what it is and how

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so let's talk about you see is receipt


most people when when they file a case

no matter what case when you pay the fee

you put the check on top of your package

you send it out typically within two to

four weeks you're gonna be getting a

receipt typically they are called I 797

form i7 and seven this is the typical

receipt from USCIS and depends where you

send it each receipt will have different

different letters on them that mean

different things but for example if you

send them the wrong fee or if you send

it to the wrong address the entire case

will be sent back to you with the

rejection notice but let's let's assume

that you file the case correctly and and

you get your first receipt form i79

seven let's understand what that for me

what their form means by looking at the

numbers the different numbers so the

first part of their of the receipt are

letters so let's look at the letters so

if it says CSC it's a California 7

Center if it says ESC its Eastern

education typically for h-1b is and all

reasons if it's WEC it's Western

education center anything any cases that

are on the west and also known as

California service center EAC also known

as Vermont service centers so that just

tells you which service center

your case we go after that there is a

number so after the letters which

indicate which service center then we go

the two numbers so let's say it says 19

or 18 or 17 that that just explains the

fiscal year that we are in and cases are

being adjudicated next we move on to the

computer workday so after the the fiscal

year we are looking at the computer

workdays so the third set of digit

indicate the computer work the the case

was opened one day the case was opened

then we have the final the final six

letters the final five see five letters

indicate what is the actual case number

this is the actual case number that your

case will be adjudicated based on so as

we said just for for knowledge purposes

they break it down by a service center

location fiscal year date that the case

was open and the actual case number and

then you take this number and you go to

the USCIS website and we can link the

link where and how you can check your

case status because you need that number

to be able to keep to check your case

status you can you can sign up for

automatic updates we're gonna send your

email and they told the progress of the

case but it's really important to have

your case number to be able to know how

far and where your case is at any

particular moment it's really helpful

for employment based cases where it

tells you if there's a request for more

evidence or if the case is approved or

denied you can all do that by logging

into the immigration website and

punching in your case number that's why

it's very important to understand that

first of all where is the case number

that you have a case number and make

sure you keep that in a safe place

throughout the process of your case so

just wanna do a small video to explain

about the what is the case number and

how to read it because we do get those

questions and I thought well why not

make a video and explain that so we

to answer that question over and over

again so hopefully you liked this video

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