How To Get Emoji (Emoticons) On Android

hey guys is Davey here from bumble calm

in this video will show you how to send

and receive all those extra emoticons

that you know some of your friends may

have whether they have an iPhone or a

different Android phone and basically is

going to show you how to do it but first

I'm going to show you how to stock app

look so this is probably what your phone

looks like right now you have your

typical send field and of course your

message field type in hi really quick

and when you get back you can see

there's not very many other options you

can press menu and you do have some

Smiley's in here or some emoticons and

as you can see on the list isn't that

extensive so that's why we have this

video so I'm just going to go ahead and

go to the market and what you want to do

is download an app called Chomp SMS so I

already downloaded it install it on my

phone you don't necessarily have to use

Chomp SMS there's also another app

called ghost mess and a few others that

have the same functionality but since I

already installed it I'll go ahead and

show you how this one works so you can

see my message has already been imported

because it does import all your stock

messaging apps to this app and anyway

I'll type in the same message so hi

and I'm gonna hit this little plus icon

and you can see my list of emoticons so

these are kind of similar to the ones

that we saw with the stock Android app

our messaging app but when I click over

here it actually gives me the option to

install a plug-in an emoji add-on from

the market so I'll hit Play Store let's

go ahead and install this guy hit accept

and download

all right there you go so it's installed

now I'll go ahead and go back to the

Trump SMS app hit the plus sign again

and now when I go over here you actually

see I have a whole list of different

emoticons that I can scroll through for

the happy spaces I could also go through

little animals and a whole bunch of

different little symbols it's still

loading up right here but you get the

idea you have a whole bunch that you

know you normally wouldn't have and as

long as the person that you're sending

these to has you know the iPhone that

has this functionality or has an Android

phone that has this functionality like

an app like this um it'll work and

that's pretty much it thank you for

watching the video this is Dave mobile

comm and don't forget to visit foam

webcam or cell phone news reviews and

how to's thank you