Purple Mattress Review (Updated) | Is the new construction better than the original? (2020)

- Hi, I'm Elizabeth,

Sleep Expert at Tuck.

Today we'll be taking look at the Purple mattress.

If you've been mattress shopping any time recently,

you've definitely come across Purple's colorful ads.


Marketing aside, we're going to take unbiased look

at their updated flagship model.

So, how does it stack up to Tuck's Test?

Keep watching to find out.

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We brought in some outside help to show how the mattress

performs for different body types,

and to hear additional opinions from a variety of voices.

Assisting us today, we have lightweight sleeper, Jennie.

Average weight sleeper, Wilfred.

And heavyweight sleeper, Jerica.

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Setting up the Purple mattress is easy.

Though we recommend having a friend around

because the mattress is a bit bulky and heavy.

Move the mattress to its final destination,

take it out of the travel bag,

unwrap it and watch it come to life.

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Recovery should happen within the first 12 hours.

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But, give it as much as 48 hours to fully recover.

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The Purple mattress is a 9 1/2 inch mixed-foam mattress.

The cover is Purple's new soft flex cover technology,

which is made from polyester, viscose and Lycra.

The comfort layers consist of two inches of Purple's

hyperelastic polymer, which sits atop 3 1/2 inches

of 1.8 PCF polyfoam.

The support core is four inches

of 2 PCF high-density polyfoam.

The Purple mattress has a unique feel due to its

top comfort layer made of the hyperelastic polymer.

A grid made of rubber like buckling columns.

The gel is malleable and will collapse at points of pressure

cradling the body in a distinctive fashion.

It's both responsive and conforming,

and gives sleepers that floating feeling,

somewhere between sleeping in and on a mattress.

The combination of hyperelastic polymer

and the polyfoam below, create a medium-firm sleep surface.

Overall we rate it about a six out of 10

on the firmness scale.

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To measure support, we look at the spinal alignment

of each of our sleepers when sleeping on their side.

We found the Purple mattress to offer adequate support

for most sleepers, though it supported

light to average weights best.

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Heavyweight sleepers may find they need a more substantial

support core than the Purple offers.

Motion isolation refers to how well a mattress

isolates or absorbs motion.

And how well it keeps that motion

from reaching your partner.

To demonstrate motion isolation we put a water glass

on one side of the bed and had our heavyweight sleeper,

Jerica move around the opposite side.

As you can see Jerica is moving around quite a bit,

but the glass stays locked in place,

with the water making very minimal movement.

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The polymer grid reacts

only to localized pressure and movement.

And the foam layers below will absorb

and deaden any motion.

We found this to be true even as we tested the mattress

with multiple sleepers, tossing and turning,

and getting in and out of the bed.

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Edge support refers to how much your mattress holds you up

or pushes back against you while sitting on or sleeping

close to the side of the bed.

Mattresses with worse edge support leave sleepers

with the feeling of roll-off,

which is akin to a mattress ejecting the sleeper

When sitting along the edge of the Purple mattress,

we found it sagged pretty significantly.

When laying along the edge,

we still felt some sinkage and instability.

Mixed-foam mattresses tend to have weaker edge support,

and Purple's thinner and relatively softer support core

fall in that category.

Purple, did reinforce the edge of this model,

and it helps very minimally as we found the foam encasement is

a bit too soft to make enough of a difference.

Using our 2D and 3D pressure mapping tools,

we're able to look at how well mattresses

relieve pressure on the body.

You'll notice the scale goes from blue, to green,

to yellow, to red, indicating increasing amounts

of pressure, pushing back against each sleeper.

When it hits red, there's a higher likelihood of reduced

blood flow in those specific sections of the body.

Our testing found that the Purple mattress

does well relieving pressure for all sleepers,

across all sleep positions.

With the hyperelastic polymer grid collapsing at points

of pressure, sleepers should notice

the targeted pressure relief they require.

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Temperature neutrality refers to how well a mattress

disperses heat from your body preventing the mattress

temperature from fluctuating.

All foam beds are traditionally known for performing poorly

in this category, as foams tend to trap heat.

However, the Purple Grid allows for ample airflow

throughout the columns allowing it to remain

temperature neutral, especially compared

to other all-foam mattresses.

Now, let's take a minute to check in with our testers.

So, Jennie how did you like the Purple mattress?

- I really loved this mattress.

I like the texture of it, it's really different.

But, like, I actually really love it.

- I really enjoyed this mattress.

Pretty much everything about it.

It wasn't particularly a firm mattress,

but my body felt really comfortable and stable.

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- I have mixed reviews on it.

I like it, but then I don't.

- All right.

So, have you ever laid on a Purple mattress before,

'cause I know they're different they have the honeycombing

Purple Grid, which is a little interesting to get used to.

- No, never tried one before.

- Okay, so what did you think of this composition of it?

- I enjoyed, I feel like it supported me a lot,

but again, the initial support was fine,

but it did just feel, like, over time

that it would, kind of, wear in

and you'll get that, you know, overall dip in the mattress.

- Definitely felt it.

It as a little strange at first, you know,

because it's kind of honeycomb structure.

But, once I was laying on it I couldn't tell at all.

- But it is really weird at first,

because I've never laid on a mattress like this before,

but it felt supportive, it felt soft.

So I feel like I would be able to sleep

on this mattress really easily.

- Tell me about getting near the edge.

Did you feel that you were being held up enough?

Did you have that roll-off feeling?

- I didn't have any roll-off feeling,

it definitely was not as supportive as other mattresses,

but I didn't notice any roll-off.

I think it might just be because of the material.

- Tell me about temperature,

did you notice yourself getting a little warm throughout

the night or were you able to stay cool?

- No, I'd didn't feel a temperature change.

It felt the same pretty much the whole time.

- I was staying cool,

but then the longer that I kind of was on the bed,

I did feel it warming just a little bit.

But, for the most part it was cool.

- When you guys were doing the team sleep,

folks getting in and out of the bed,

did you notice any motion across your side of the mattress?

- [Wilfred] I didn't notice very much.

Pretty nice actually, yeah.

- It was pretty isolated, it felt like I was on my side,

I didn't feel anything else going on on the other side.

I couldn't feel anyone getting in and out of the bed,

I couldn't feel the turning as well.

So, I think that I'll be able to have a good night's sleep.

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- Well, Jerica, thank you so much.

- Yeah, for sure!

(smacking hands)

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- Let's take a look at how the Purple mattress

stacked up in our mattress testing.

The Purple mattress is a 9 1/2 inch foam mattress.

It's a medium bed sitting at a six on the firmness scale.

Our light and average weight sleepers

received very good support from the Purple.

While our heavyweight sleeper had good support.

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Our lightweight and average weight sleepers also fared

better in pressure relief, both receiving ratings

of very good, while our heavyweight sleeper,

again, only received good support.

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Motion isolation is rated as very good,

along with temperature neutrality.

While we rated edges support only as fair.

Here are a few takeaways we found

while testing the mattress.

The Purple mattress has a unique feel.

The hyperelastic polymer grid both props you up

and conforms to the heaviest parts of your body.

It does take some getting use to,

and some sleepers may struggle with that.

On that note, if you know

you like a particular mattress feel,

say a traditional inner spring,

or the deep sink of memory foam, the Purple mattress

feels very different and may not be best bet for you.

If you need strong edge support, the Purple mattress

may not be for you.

The edge support is a bit weak,

and the mattress is only nine inches tall,

which may make it tough for some sleepers

to get in and out of.

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Heavier sleepers may not find the support

they need with the Purple mattress.

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After the two inches of buckling column jell,

heavier sleepers may sink too far

into the small foam profile of the Purple.

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Heavier sleepers considering a Purple mattress

should look to their hybrid and premium models.

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So who is the Purple mattress good for?

We recommend this mattress

for light to average weight sleepers.

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The Purple mattress with the polymer grid

offers great support and pressure relief for these sleepers.

A mattress should accommodate all sleep positions

and especially combination sleepers.

The overall flexibility of the mattress

and the responsive nature of the grid

will keep sleepers comfortable in any position

they turn to during the night.

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Warm sleepers will also enjoy the Purple mattress.

Normally mixed-foam mattresses trap a lot of heat,

but not the Purple.

This mattress stays cool with all the airflow

throughout the smart grid.

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Couples who need exceptional motion isolation

will cherish the purple mattress.

Though the polymer grid is responsive,

it only responds to localized pressure and movement,

and very little motion gets transferred

across the surface of the bed.

So if you're easily disturbed by your partner,

the Purple may work well for you.

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Before purchasing the Purple mattress,

here is some additional information you'll want to know.

It comes with a 100-night sleep trial,

a 10-year warranty and free shipping and returns.

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