How to Make a Purple Mattress! - Best bed of 2020?


this is there any magic it might not

look like a mattress just yet but 30

years ago two brothers one of which was

a rocket scientist invented a new

material that was specifically designed

for medical beds and seat cushions for

wheelchairs oh we have to user is

sitting all the time so if the cushion

is too hard it could start to damage the

skin today those same tube brothers have

taken that material and are making

entire beds out of it today's video is

sponsored by purple we're gonna see how

they've taken that super soft cushion

technology and manufacturing entire beds

it should be pretty interesting let's

get started




we're here inside the purple Mattress

Factory and this place is so large seven

football fields can fit inside of it

right behind us right now are all the

finished mattresses but today we're

gonna see how the mattresses are

constructed and what makes them

different than everybody else

so this purple dust is one of the secret

ingredients that starts building the

hyper elastic polymer that purple uses

in their mattresses it feels like

kinetic sand and powdered sugar had a

baby and it's the purple powder

the powdered mixture gets melted down

and gets melted into a massive injection

molding machine which pumps out the

massive sheets of purple grid like you

see here these are then cut down into

the specific mattress sizes you know

twin queen king and california king all

the excess is added to these bins and

then ground up and preserved to be used

again later

a supercool part of this whole operation

is that any portion of the purple

mattress that they don't use you know

the hyperelastic polymer part they can

just grind up and reuse in future

mattresses so there's zero waste

involved so we've seen how the top of

the purple mattress is made in order to

combine that top with the hybrid base

the coils in the base are sent through a

machine that adds adhesive to the top

layer that adhesive is then cooked

through a red-hot conveyor belt oven and

then foam borders are set around the

outside of the mattress on the top where

the purple hyperelastic polymer can then

ride up a conveyor belt and plopped down

very satisfyingly inside

spreading out to each edge in every


after the purple grid is all spread out

the machine goes into a giant smasher

which smashes the purple into the bottom

layer and creates a solid bond

after the mattresses have been smooshed

and adhered they slide down the rest of

the rollers dry off and get packaged up

once the hybrid mattresses are

sufficiently dry we can add the fire

stock which covers the entire mattress

and then is pinched off and sewn shut

the final cover is then added and the

whole mattress is flipped over onto the

backside to help facilitate the cover

closing once the bottom is closed up and

the mattress tag is added the whole

thing moves into a giant suction machine

to facilitate the shipping the

mattresses are then pressed into a giant

compressor which vacuums all the air out

and turns it into a giant purple pancake

the purple pancake is then rolled up

into a giant purple burrito and then

ejected into a giant purple sleeve my

favorite part of this whole contraption

is this giant suction machine right here

which can lift up 240 pounds since these

mattresses are pretty heavy it has three

suction cups on the end and effortlessly

places the mattress on two giant pallets

so they can be shipped out so cambrie

now that you've seen how the matches are

made and put together are you ready to

go try ours out yeah I'm excited to try

it out because I've seen how much work

goes into it now they look pretty cool

from the inside which we know is the

best let's go so there are a lot of

mattress in a box companies out there

but purple is different that same grid

that was used for wheelchair cushions is

now the size of a bed and used for

entire bodies it was super fun seeing

how purple can cram a massive mattress

into such a small footprint for shipping

the pros of having a purple grid system

over foam is that it can dynamically

adapt your body no matter what your

sleep position is or what body type you

have it smushes down where it needs to

but then remain supportive for the rest

of you and if someone moves on one side

of the bed it doesn't disturb the other

side of the bed

the purple grid system also allows for

airflow so the bed stays cool what start

out as high end medical mattresses and

wheel chair cushions 30 years ago is now

available to the general public and

we're excited to try it out so one thing

cambrie and I decided to go with was the

power base for the purple bed and that's

because the whole thing has motors in it

it can raise the feet and the head one

thing that I don't think purple really

thought about was that the base is also

adjustable so we have the height set to

a perfect height for cambree so she can

transfer in and out of the bed fairly

easily there's a couple different

thicknesses that you can get on your

mattress and we ended up going with the

three because it's not super firm

and not super fluffy it's kind of got

that Goldilocks effect it's kind of that

perfect middle ground between the soft

and the heart if you use the link in the

video description right below this video

you can try out a purple mattress for

100 days and if you don't like it purple

will come take away the mattress for

free and give you a full refund

plus there's a 10 year warranty on we're

pretty excited to try it out use thanks

to purple for sponsoring this video I

really do enjoy seeing how everything is

made I feel like we're Mister Rogers we

just went to one of those factories just

show all the kids alright it really is

that and yeah link is down in the

description room there we go

thanks stuff for watching I'll see you