Locating the Author, Source, Creator of a Website

here is how you are going to go about

finding the author or source or creator

of a particular website when you're

determining whether or not that website

is reliable your goal is to try and find

something that says about us or any big

logos usually the about Us link can be

found on the margin or down at the

bottom you'll see here you do not see

anything that says about us you do see

the logo teens health from Nemours so

that is a clue here that Nemours must be

the author or creator of this website if

I scroll down further I can see again

the Nemours logo it even says about me

Mars and about kids health you can

really click on any one of these links

to take you to find more information if

I go to about Nemours says kids health

comes from Nemours so you could simply

put that a down as the author source or

creator now how do I know if it's read

some what the qualifications or

credentials are is you can just read for

further information and I am going to

scroll back and it would take some

looking around if I go to about kids

health and scroll down it says that a

team of pediatricians and other medical

experts review all of the content

regularly to ensure the information is

current as possible

it also furthermore says that me Mars is

a pediatrician lead center pediatricians

are doctors

therefore they are qualified and have

the credentials to provide us with

health information and then that is

about how you're going to go about

looking for the author source or creator

now let me just go to this other website

here and

if I'm looking for again the author

creator of this website Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention I can

scroll again down to the bottom and it

says content source and it would be all

of these different divisions you can

also look and see it is reliable because

it says dot govt which is a government

website but here is where I'm talking

about you can find in About Us link if I

click on that it's going to give me

further information on what the CDC is

the role in schools and what their what

their job is what they're trying to do