Why is it called The Preakness?

in the US the Triple Crown of

thoroughbred horse racing is no surprise

comprised of three races it starts with

the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky and ends

with the belmont stakes in Belmont Park

in elmont New York and in the middle

there is the Preakness Stakes it's not

held in a place called Preakness it's

held in Baltimore at the Pimlico Race

Course so where did that name come from

Preakness sounds like a way to describe

someone his Preakness surprised me well

as I imagine most traditions in the

world of horse racing start this one

starts with rich people drinking way

back in eighteen sixty eight then

Maryland governor Odin Bowie was up in

New York with a bunch of distinguished

guests for a dinner party and the dinner

party was apparently pretty good like

really good so good that some of the

folks there decided they should hold a

horse race in two years time to

commemorate just what a good party it

really was so you kids today don't know

how to party like they used to anyway

governor odin bowie agreed to build a

brand new horse racing track in

baltimore to host the race two years

later the doors opened at Pimlico Race

Track for the first ever dinner party

steaks and the winner of that race was a

horse named Preakness a couple of years

later the racing track decided to host

its first-ever spring race and Odin

Bowie recommended they named it after

the horse that won the race on the day

Pimlico opened so there's part of an

answer the preakness stakes are named

after a horse but that doesn't really

explain where that word came from so why

was the horse named Preakness well there

actually is a place called Preakness

it's an unincorporated community

basically a neighborhood in Wayne New

Jersey it's believed the name was just a

mispronunciation of a local Native

American tribes word propolis which

meant quail woods presumably because the

area had lots of quail and woods anyway

it was in this neighborhood that

Milton's Sanford ran the Preakness

stables you may remember Milton Sanford

is the guy who threw that really awesome

party way back at the beginning of this

video Sanford had purchased the

racehorse from a farm in Kentucky and

just named it after his stables

Preakness and Preakness won that first

race so there you go the preakness

stakes in American institution a horse

race held in Maryland named after a

horse from Kentucky that was named after

a neighborhood in New Jersey that itself

was named after a mispronunciation of

the Native American word for quail woods

and all that brought to you by what must

have been just the best dinner party


I'm Jonathan Sobolewski for AOL com