Debit Card Hack

did you know that anyone with a

smartphone can get your ATM or debit

card PIN number without ever approaching

you with a thousands of apps or software

applications made for iPhone and Android

devices more and more incredible things

are being created every day to make life

easier but the latest one has caused a

real security problem and those are apps

which turn your smartphone into an

infrared camera here's what happens

you're in a store and stand in line to

pay for your items you swipe your card

and secretly put in your pin number

making sure no one else can see your

fingers once you make sure your

transaction went through you pick up

your bags and leave the store unknown to

you a criminal was standing in line

behind you as he steps up to pay for his

items he uses an infrared camera app on

his smartphone and takes a picture of

the keypad that you use just seconds

before the heat from your fingers shows

which numbers you pushed and the

criminal even knows the order you press

the buttons since the infrared camera

will show which buttons are hotter than

others as displayed here it's simple to

battle this problem and make it

impossible for any potential criminal to

see your pin number here's how after you

press the buttons on the keypad and

complete your transaction let your hand

rest on as many buttons as possible for

at least three seconds the heat of your

hand will be transferred to almost every

button on the keypad and the criminal

won't know which number is your PIN

number even with an infrared camera if

you neglect to do this step and the

criminal does get your PIN number he

will then want to get your credit card

number next this is usually done by an

accomplice waiting in the parking lot

the second part of this tip is about

criminal sealing your credit or debit

card number newer issued cards can come

with a built-in technical feature called

an RFID chip this chip allows a person

to simply wave a card when they pay

instead of swiping it it can also allow

a criminal to steal your card number

without ever seeing your card here's

what happens

you're standing in line at a local

bookstore or even in the park in your

wallet or purse you have your credit

cards secured to your person using an

electronic device a criminal can stand

behind you and without ever touching you

can retrieve your credit card or debit

card number via this RFID chip that's in

your cards combine that with the

infrared camera tip mentioned earlier

and now the criminal has complete access

to your money to avoid this problem

first notice if your cards even have an

RFID chip installed to do this look on

your card for this symbol if your card

doesn't have this symbol then you're

safe if it does then there are two

things that you can do to protect

yourself first you can purchase sleeves

for each card which will protect it from

unauthorized scans I would recommend

ones from the first company that ever

provided this feature and they're called

ID stronghold if you want a more

permanent solution you can actually cut

out the RFID chip in your cards warning

this will leave a hole in your credit or

debit card and if it's not done properly

could cause problems make sure not to

cut into the black strip or this could

leave your card unusable to do this

you'll need to find where your RFID chip

is located in your card the easiest way

is to get a very high powered flashlight

and find a dark room or closet shine the

flashlight up through the card and look

for a dark rectangle that is your RFID

chip simply use a hole punch to cut a

hole through the middle of the chip this

will disable the chip and will free you

from being scanned without your knowing

about it