How To Light A Furnace Pilot Light (DIY! Save $$ and Time)


hi everybody thanks for watching you're

in the utility room of a small house we

converted into an apartment building and

it looks like the furnace pilot light

has gone out so I'm gonna show you in a

generic way what you need to do to light

a pilot light in a gas-fired furnace now

I've already taught them taken off one

inspection panel these things usually

just hang so it might be a little

different based on your model but see

these two darker gray plates they

usually just lift up they're hanging

they might be held on with a screw or

two but I'm gonna put these to the side

and you'll know you're looking at the

pilot light assembly when you see some

sort of a control that says like off on

in pilot and the ignition types which

follow the gas line from that and that

will take you to where your pilot should

be now in this particular case it has

another galvanized plate that will slide

off I actually put it in there upside

down but for demonstration purposes you

see that l-shaped deflector that's going

to deflect the gas flame onto the

thermocouple right there which is a

safety mechanism to shut off the system

so won't light this and we should be

back in business I'm gonna have my

partner here hold that while I go get a

match now one thing you might want to

use for these things are a wooden match

and some sort of long stick we're gonna

use a skewer from barbecue and tape the

match on there so we want to stick our

fingers wing in there you're either in

dangerous way so I'll get that and over

the cord again in a second okay here's

what I meant this is your typical

barbecue skewer I'm gonna take the

normal kitchen math match can't talk

this morning and it's not so bad because

this is kind of an accessible pilot

light but some of these things you're

laying on your belly on the floor

and you don't wanna but you just don't

have to keep ability getting there any

further so I'm just gonna tape this on

here and this will be our wand to go in

there and light over there and I'll keep

my hands far away far enough away they

also sell these things you know these

little but that's only six inches of

extension up here in the pilot control

knob 3 positions off pilot and on when

you in a pilot positions the gas is not

on you have to hold the gas button down

so I'll have to depress this and then

I'm going to use my match on a stick and

hold this thing down while the flame is

on the thermocouple long enough to

activate the metals in the thermocouple

and then we'll switch to on so a couple

different things hold this down light it

hold it and then after about 30 seconds

go to on you should be good to go hold

the button down gases are now and go

underneath and I don't know if you can

see you can see the gas our flashlight

is kind of making a dent but up a little

bit you can see I'm holding down the

button and while that gas is on there

I'm gonna turn it on there we go down

there we have gas and power

so in a generic fashion in a kind of

basic fashion function all furnaces are

the same for the pilot lighting the

configuration might be different this

might be way down low or light the up

higher but it's going to be behind the

plate and now you just need to buckle it

up the way you found it we're gonna put

the inspection plate back over it

okay we're buckled up we're gonna go

check the Front's thermostat and see if

we're getting heat upstairs so that's

how simple is this is for information

only consult a professional before you

try to do this yourself of course but as

always thanks for watching