Phrenic nerve

one of the cards yesterday was asking

more information about the phrenic nerve

the phrenic nerve is actually a bundle

of nerve fibers that come out between c2

3 4 and 5 and they innervate with

several other nerves if we'd like to

look at look at more about that you can

read about the brachial plexus or the

cervical plexus the phrenic nerve goes

down there's a left one and a right one

they kind of go around the backside of

the heart and then they go down to the

diaphragm and cause the diaphragm to

contract so if you have a c4 fracture

most of the phrenic nerve is going to be

damaged and you will not be able to

contract your diaphragm so that's why

there is c4 and breathe no more