Breaking Down Players' Arrivals At The PGA Championship... Including Tiger Woods

Kevin kids are just drove up to the

plate a lot gave us the finger I guess

he's in town now you finally got it we

saw John around a little bit ago we said

he looked a little disheveled kids up

the shovel you ever been in 40 degree

weather watch I'll get sponsored

we're not a couple clubs


just and

retainer needs just lost

like he looks like

yes he's trying to go switch guys to his

new equipment I'm walking with the track

man let's get you fitted up right

I think it's the only guy in the world

like a beautiful I was just gonna say

that my gosh I bet every dollar I got it

I don't want to I don't want to I be

also very confident

professional golfer couldn't see your


good luck out there kids you look good

you look at look at actual golfers going

five minutes

he's carrying no more

it's somebody help Jason commentary did

somebody help

he needs an adult category that's what


she did she's wondering about the

putting green

please talk back hey we're following you

yeah we're following on it

how you feeling good you look fresh

today I like oh yeah prenups good ready

good see you out there you ever gonna

get a chirp in Frankie's you get bodied

by it every time every time I see him

you bother you kind of just like he's

just dominated you know whole day of you

being like I gotta get a chirp it that's

not only mentally dominated when he

comes over and just like don't give me a

fist pump like he puts me in the puts me

on my little seat and pass me on my head

my mom would love to hang out

way off way off watch on me thinking

that he's gonna come over yeah sorry

still interview does

oh my god those Tigers driving that car

come on

200 chill all black come on hot

now kids kids kids keep bro we ain't got

time to think you know he needs me job

yeah move you think he's gonna remember


no I just want to look at him

alright let's just let's just go walk

yeah huge sign the tiger denied the golf

cart amazing

once I'm walking out what's helping

check out the ground

he's freezing Tigers freezing somebody

get him a jacket how does he not have a

jacket I've never I mean I can't believe

I'm looking at it right now

that's right my god I looked him right

in the eye

I just looked a ger in the eye I'm done

I'm dying need a change of pants that

arrival prepared everybody else is