3D Tour of the Perineum

the pelvis is a complex piece of anatomy

so let's begin by taking a moment to get

our bearings

the perineum lies at the bottom of the


it is the space between the thighs

encompassing anus and genitals

space the corners of the diamond are the


pubic symphysis

and to ischial tuberosities the ceiling

of the space is the pelvic floor muscles


the pelvic floor muscles or liver tore

ni a shapes like a bowl so the ceiling

of the space is partly convex

the sto pubic Remo

the sacred humerus ligament

which are the boundaries of the pelvic


the diamonds anterior half is known as

the urogenital triangle the posterior

half the anal triangle in a standing

position the urogenital triangle roughly

conforms to the horizontal plane the

anal triangle is on an upward tilt

around 30 degrees from horizontal to

bring some perspective here's the femur

a rough approximation of the coronal


returning now to an inferior view the


triangle contains a fibrous sheet called

the perineal membrane oriented like so


the perineal membrane has upturned

anterior and posterior edges and

collects within it a space known as the

deep peroneal pouch

the sto anal fussy partially occupy the

space between this pouch and the pelvic

floor muscles the deep peroneal pouch is

thus a very shallow space all of this in

blue is your anal Fosse and the space

contained by and just deep to the

perineal membrane colored in purple

that's the deep peroneal pouch it

contains within it a number of muscles

including the external urethral

sphincter in the female sex the pouch

includes two holes for vagina and


these are allowed passage through the

lavatory no muscles in this u-shaped

space known as the urogenital hiatus

just deep to the skin is a membranous

layer of superficial fascia known as

collies fascia in between the perennial

membrane and the relevant part of

colleagues fascia lies the superficial

peroneal pouch this pouch contains the

bolbo spongy osis

is he okay venosus

and super visual transverse peroneal


it also contains various erectile tissue

of the penis and clitoris plus the

continuation of the urethra and vagina

so that's the superficial and deep

peroneal patches

the perineal membrane has a free

posterior border in the center of this

posterior border and of the

diamond-shaped perineum at large lies

the perineal body fibromuscular meeting

point for many structures of the

perineum many of the muscles we've

mentioned so far converge here posterior

and superior to that is the anal

sphincter muscles the centerpiece of the

anal triangle


let's go back and review the most


points now the perineum is a 3d space

with the pelvic floor muscles as its



the space is divided into the urogenital

triangle anteriorly and anal triangle

posteriorly there are two perennial

patches superficial and deep both in the

urogenital triangle and separated by the

perineal membrane that's it for now

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next time