Joao Ricardo Vieira Battles Bushwacker for $1,000,000 | 2014 Iron Cowboy

pepper iron cowboy has earned the right

to face the two-time world champion

buffing ball Bushwhacker

let's send it down to JW Hart and Justin

McBride for their thoughts on this

matchup well I don't think it's any

secret about which way I think this is

going to go I think you know forget the

guys can't run Mississippi him here to

make you mouth those are two ranked

Bulls but this but by far I think is the

best bull in the world going right now

and he's done got you know four Bulls

under his belt so he's got the ropes a

little bit not as sticky as it used to

be and he's a little fatigued I think

this one goes bushwhackers way all day

long jr. might have a little fatigue but

Bushwhacker does not and Jaidev as you

hinted to we're talking about possibly

the greatest bull of all time I know

there's a million bucks and that's a

great motivator but I just don't think

it's in the cards tonight I think

Bushwhacker wins this one guys sure do

what are you thinking as we see our

final pairing of this weekend you know I

can never bet against Bushwhacker he's

just that good he's a bullet

no matter who gets on this little

before but he's got to be to the left


I'm still picking the bow I think you

might make it around the corner and then

the bow tie I know you're not going to

stamp Bushwhacker with greatest-ever but

that doesn't mean he is it's fun to

watch every time the gate open well I

think this bulletin rank is anything

I've ever seen and I didn't think he's

the total package I think he has every

element a great bull should have in

spades the part that I'm so excited

about as a founder of the PBR is seeing

a guy get to stick his hand in the rope

one time for 1 million dollars



the million is safe and so is the legacy

for the moment Bushwhacker

loves to come out and impress he's ready

for another one two point one seven

seconds is all this one goes but take

nothing away from JR Vienna

this year's dr. pepper iron cowboy you

know here's the thing that signs that

that that just proves how rank this bull

is is that's him turning the dial to

about six and we all know that he can

crank it a lot higher than that and he

just does what he has to do and that's

because he understands this game so well

that is one fantastic bucking bull forty

six and three-quarters the Bulls score

which is as you said ty that's

Bushwhacker at level six or seven we've

seen him get upwards of forty eight

points but today he didn't need it

against a guy who had been through the

ringer throughout the event JR Vienna

the 2014 dr. pepper iron cowboy champion

he will earn $50,000 for the effort he

just won't get to pocket 1 million

they're our top bull scorers Bushwhacker

and stone sober tie at 46 and 3/4

bushwhackers going to be our Kawasaki

strong bull yeah I mean looking for the

replacement up Bushwhacker after his

farewell season this year stone sober

and Mickey Mouse they're right there

let's take another look at JR vieta

against Bushwhacker

it didn't last long No

I mean what can you say about that bowl

that hasn't been said he just you know

it doesn't matter what kind of great

athlete you're looking at you're looking

at are they the total packaging and he

is Bushwhacker always calm cool and

collected after he gets back a behind

the shoots that's his ninth straight

buck off jrv Etta may be the 2014 Dr

Pepper iron cowboy but the man who

finished 2nd gauge gay had a

breakthrough weekend and he's standing

by with Lea