The Paramount Pictures Mountain

what's up everybody georgian mobster

here guys right now on with my cousin

and guess we're online I'm in

Switzerland check this out the view is


like check this mountain guys it is

amazing oh and by the way I have some

crazy news to tell you right there this

is the Paramount Mountain whole week

check this out this is what's so

damn crazy

and oh my gosh like I wasn't expecting

this but giant guy just look how

beautiful it is here like it's amazing

like wow I'm shocked like what I'm

seeing right here is unbelievable Wow

and yeah so uh we are skiing right now

we're actually taking a break

cuz we're in a restaurant which is right

over here and we're just enjoying

because we're here for one week well

actually it's six days but yeah almost

like a week and guys it's 3,000 meters

can you imagine this this is amazing

like wow I mean this is crazy and we're

gonna go right now I think in 1020

minutes we're gonna eat a dessert and

yeah that's what we're gonna do probably


anyway guys it's gonna be Christmas soon

and I wish your early Christmas and yeah

to be honest it's like much more hard

it's breathier because of the high

pressure but it's it's amazing like it's

sunshine also you know it's sunny and

guys the paramount mounts and it's

looking so damn crazy like I wasn't

expecting this of course and you know

I'm really happy yeah life is great

everything is amazing you know I love

the background like the mountains are

amazing beautiful beautiful mountains

and the view and there is a lot of snow

in here and also you know there are a

lot of rocks

you know it's a bit dangerous but anyway

thank you guys for watching make sure

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you later peace