MYSTERIES Of The Pacific Northwest

from the strangest arcade game ever to

an actual serious UFO case these are

five mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

number five

Dennis Walker's collection we kick

things off with the story of Dennis

Walker a quote-unquote businessmen that

set up shop in Medford Oregon

Walker's business plan was simple use

other people's money to buy sports

memorabilia and then possibly sell it

for profit after he amassed the sizable

collection Walker opened up a museum in

town from baseball cards to uniforms and

signed balls he had a tall it was around

this time that the local police force

started getting suspicious about

Walker's activities after a very quick

investigation he was charged with fraud

and racketeering however much to the

surprise of the police all his investors

backed him up stating that they trusted

him 100% with the millions of dollars

they gave him before things escalated

Walker packed up shop and vanished I bet

his investors changed their opinion

rather quickly after that in 1987

some 16 months after his disappearance

Walker was found in Las Vegas

unfortunately his collection was missing

even more unfortunate he was dead

throughout the last 30 years over

120,000 dollars of his prized sports

memorabilia collection has been located

but no one knows how he died

investigators have speculated it was a

mob hit or perhaps a disgruntled

investor what do you think happened I'm

pretty sure that juice was still filming

Hertz commercials in 1987 so it probably

wasn't him number four

Mel's hole have you ever listened to the

radio show coast to coast am it's great

for those lonely drives at 2:00 a.m. on

February 21st 1997 the greatest host to

ever live or at Bell took a random

caller from Washington State

his name was Mel waters and he had quite

the story to tell the caller claimed he

lived in a very rural part of Kittitas

County Washington a County that is

remarkably unremarkable except for the

bottomless pit that had magical healing


waters went into great detail describing

the pit at one point he measured it to

be over 80,000 feet deep let's let's

pause for a second this random hole that

no one had heard of before was

apparently twice as deep as the Mariana

Trench the deepest part of the ocean

seems very likely right waters actually

became quite a regular calling into the

show in 2000 and 2002 always talking

about the damn hole by 2002 another man

claimed to know where the hole is he

also claimed that the government was

protecting the area because of you

guessed it alien activity he also led an

expedition of 30 people to see the hole

however it seems like he forgot the

exact locations since the expedition

failed miserably some government shills

claimed that the hole is geologically

impossible and any hole that size would

collapse in on itself from the pressure

but what a day no stupid geologists

number 3 DB Cooper you really can't

avoid talking about DB Cooper when

discussing the Pacific Northwest and

mysteries on Thanksgiving Eve 1971 Dan

Cooper boarded a busy flight headed from

Portland to Seattle he ordered a bourbon

lit up a cigarette and shortly after

takeoff solidified his place in American

history while the plane was still

gaining altitude Dan Cooper passed a

note to the nearest flight attendant she

assumed it was just a phone number so

she tossed it in her bag she leaned over

and whispered

miss you'd better look at that note I

have a bomb

long story short Cooper turned out to be

the nicest hijacker ever the plane

landed in Seattle and the feds gave him

two hundred thousand dollars in for

parachutes the plane was refueled and

headed towards Mexico City with only

four people on board the crew was locked

in the pilot cabin while Cooper enjoyed

the Boeing 727 all to himself when the

plane landed in Reno Nevada for

refueling Cooper was nowhere to be found

after a thorough search authorities

found no trace of him the bomb or the

money it is believed Dan Cooper jumped

off somewhere over the Lewis River in

southwestern Washington apart from the

aircraft the only physical evidence in

the case is a stack of $20 bills that

were found by a little kid and

instructions on how to open the aft

stairs of a 727 in 2016

the FBI officially suspended its active

investigation of the DB Cooper hijacking

to this day none of the 9,000 or so

remaining bills have surfaced anywhere

in the world

fun fact we refer to him as DB Cooper

because a reporter screwed up his

initial report he assumed that DB cooper

who was the initial suspect was the full

name that Dan Cooper gave the airline

and that right there folks is fake news

number two

the UFO we don't have to go back to the

70s for this mystery on October 25th

2017 FAA and NORAD employees were on

high alert

due to a unidentified flying object

gliding through the Oregon skies as far

as we know the UFO was first spotted on

radar near the California Oregon border

okay 31 and frack number one sighs

clearly most levels for threes are

online you know targets off the body

though that 0 0 to 7 code moving very

fast at 37,000 uh-huh look at that thing

yeah that's crazy

I've got nothing well

well look what 1698 the object

disappeared from radar systems as

quickly as it had appeared however in

the next few hours some pilots flying

commercial aircraft over the area called

it in initially the story was reported

by the drive comm and after a while a

FOIA request for the FAA transmissions

from that day was approved the incident

could be mapped out as the calls come in

and what you heard in the beginning of

this segment was just a small snippet

the UFO was described as a very fast big

white aircraft flying at 37,000 feet it

appears that the military was notified

very early on and the Air Force

scrambled two f-15s to try and get a

closer look at the UFO pilot

eyewitnesses couldn't confirm the make

or model of the aircraft and the f-15s

never spotted it either as far as the

public knows anyway what do you think

maybe it was a top-secret new-generation

airplane testing its limits sounds

plausible number one Polybius as far as

conspiracy theories and urban legends go

the story of the arcade game polybius

doesn't seem far-fetched at all let's

travel back to the year 1981 Jessie's

girl was topping the music charts

Raiders of the Lost Ark was mesmerizing

moviegoers and every 13 year old kid was

spending way too much time at their

local arcade to be honest it doesn't

sound so bad does it

some arcades in the Portland area

received an unheard of new game called

polybius it immediately became a hit

with local kids more so than any other

game at the time they were going crazy

over it waiting in our long lines just

to get a chance to play it before you

know it people that played the game

reported mysterious side effects

including hallucinations paranoia night

terrors amnesia and insomnia the game

wasn't even out for a month before the

machines were taken away by men and

black interestingly enough the legend of

polybius wasn't born in the 1980s no no

no it was born in the year 2000 when the

title was added to coin-op org an arcade

game resource website since

no material evidence of the original

game has surfaced but it has inspired

some indie game producers to make their

own version of the game that supposedly

turns you into a lunatic if anyone has

ever heard of this game prior to 2000 it

would be interesting to find out comment

below and tell me what you think about

the story of Polybius I don't have a

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