The Other Side of Heaven 2 (Fire Of Faith)



most brightly the fire of faith

here we go ready

two arms come here ready up we go yes

go up jane that's our song

sister olsen would you mind absolutely

all right girls you stay with sister

olson it's mommy's turn

let's go kick off those shoes

here we go don't over-exert yourself

you think i was pregnant with our fifth

baby you


that's it

nice okay

i like this


what's wrong honey are you okay

gene are you all right gene how can i


what's wrong honey how can i help i'm

just kidding

still got it still got it come on girls

here hold my hand and a bunch

watch your step

good night bishop good night sister


great party thank you for coming sister


sorry to keep you waiting

it's so peaceful out here

yeah it is isn't it all the noise and

the joy in the church and then

just peace

kind of makes me

feel like i hate i i want to burst

well forgive me my dear but i think

you're about to


john you do know you're driving without

your lights on

i do know seems like it'd be an insult

to all this beautiful moonlight

do you have any idea how many miles that

light has traveled to shine down on you

i know i know

on us

even better


good afternoon natani i see your wife is

better huh

yes the minister our president

thanks be to god sent to you

my faith was in god i hope yours was


we only knew of god because of what they

taught us

and i because of what others had taught


and thank you for listening to them so

that you could teach us

there have been others who have taught

us as well

we've decided to join with the moments

we have brought you this month's


samufi santhalo and baby pigs

but willing will have enough to give

offerings to both churches this coming


that will not be necessary

we are in your death you are in god's

debt and this is how you repay him with


with this blasphemy huh we had hoped

that you would give us your blessing

i cannot do that

then we can only give you ours

thanks be to god for you reverend


you brought us to christ

do not ever come back

take this food burn it in the fire yes

the pig in the sea


so you're telling me you're at an


bishop i haven't budged one bit only

person had an impasse here is her

get your finger out on my face that will

bite her off sister lawson please don't

bite your husband

sister lawson

he's gonna treat me like a dog makes me

act like one

your dog is the problem my dog

saved your life i would have gotten out

of there without a help

you would have died stuck on the pot

sister you know it brother

lawson's please gotta thank your lucky

start bonnie came in with the newspaper


all right all right oh

bishop grow burger are you okay

yes but

please tell me how i'm supposed to feel

when two of my ward's stalwarts are

threatening divorce

over a dog oh i'm sorry bishop

but that dog pees everywhere oh look

he's talking

hey she

she loves that dog more than she loves

me that's because he treats me better

than you do

is that true verl what that she loves a

dog more than she loves me that the dog

treats her better than you do well i

don't know bishop i mean

i don't roll over and play dead every

time she asks if that's what you mean

yeah you don't curl up and snuggle with

me either

unless you want something

well it sounds to me like you're both

getting better treatment from the dog

than you are from each other

no but that's the whole point bishop

that's why we got to get rid of him or

you or you

i said it first i raised my case


nancy don't kill your sister in the

kitchen you can't kill me i

just killed you girls just don't talk

like that

we're not talking we're yelling

who put a q-tip in the yogurt i

want to eat mom

hello john i had another meeting with

the losses

oh no no can you put that thing in the

garage please

good idea

he likes you daddy yeah

yeah oh i got a letter from salt lake


i think it's a mistake though because

it's addressed to elder crowberg

girls help me clean this up will you

come on put them all on the side

this one is very heavy

john what's wrong

how soon can you have that baby

dear brother groberg you are hereby

called to serve as

president of the tonga fiji mission

you will serve for a period of three

years at the mission headquarters

in nukuoalofatoma you will preside

over 200 missionaries on 40

islands in three countries speaking

five languages we trust the lord will

watch over you

and your family as you lose yourself in

his service

she loves being held by you

i love her but when are we gonna get a

boy mommy

well whenever heavenly father sends us





i do not think you were proof of your

talking to me

my father would not approve of many


i was our little pig he's not here for

sale if you're looking to buy him

i'm going to make him big and fit

i am going to offer him to your father


i don't think my father would change his


i won the oldest fattest pick in all of


why did you do it nathani

why did you leave my father's church

i had questions your father could not

answer our family

our village

i wanted your father i honored your

father by building upon the truth that

he gave to me

if he allowed me i would tell him all

about it

he would rather die he was


i heard my father speaking with the

leaders of the village

you should move quickly before there is


but the voice my helmet before was your


though you joined with the moments i

heard my father said with my own ease

there will never be mormons until four


family is young your farm is small you

can do better elsewhere

you'll be safer elsewhere

you will help me

i will come tomorrow night my father

sleeps soundly after eating

don't type

thank you for warning me thank you for

taking care of my pig

wow daddy everybody's brown here yes

they are

and everything's green everything but

the sea

is this where i'll shop well there's a

store in town but the freshest stuff is

all here

sure is fresh

there it is

that was a wonderful dinner sister doll

you should thank see you litty ma

yes thank you thank you so much sister

sweaty you're welcome elder monson

can we be excused now mommy um

just stay in the let's clinic

not you honey it's bedtime

up come on no no

go with josiah please

president goldberg

sister dalton and i were talking with

elder monson before you arrived

i know you've been a missionary in tonga

before but i'm not sure you thought

about how this place suits your children

we just worry about how young your

family is

you nancy that's gross

well i'm sure the lord will take care of

us lord cares for those who care


the missionaries have died sir the

medical care is primitive

you should ask to be reassigned

president dalton i we

i appreciate your concern elder monson

you were involved in our call what do

you think

i think president dalton is right

and i think you are right

i'm sorry the lord could make good use

of you

elsewhere but i think if you decide to

stay and trust in the lord

there will be challenges but he will

take care of you

we thank all of you for your concerns


but we believe the lord sent us here for

a reason

and we believe he will see us through

yeah well

i understand but i'm not sure you do

yes president

i think he does but what why don't we go

back to the hotel so that uh

john and gene can get settled certainly

you made the right choice

we're killing bugs mommy yeah i can see


we'll be at the hotel if you need

anything thank you have a safe flight

let's go girls get them

big one two one




okay so let me get this straight we have

ten districts eleven eleven districts

uh 100 branches 98.

thank you nancy uh

200 missionaries 10 000 members on 40

different islands

in three different countries and five


okay uh who handles the finances um

you do

uh government relations also you

chapel construction

so tell me when am i supposed to do

missionary work


the car hosts seemed tired to the africa

yes fella it did and then this morning

nathanie and his family are gone

like bats in the night disappeared

coming back from the garden i find this

on the beach full of seaweed

did i not ask you to throw narthane's

pig in the sea

yes father you did and did you do it

you were very did you know what i asked

oh i thought you would regret your


so you divide me you taught me to never


what god gives us

this is not from god this is from the


no it's from nathanie who loves and

admires you

and he has left my church and our


with your help told me to always serve

my brother

i taught you to obey your father before

those were always the same and why not

now huh

because you are not yourself

because you are afraid

i'm afraid what am i my name please

please please

afraid of what

of teachings

teachings you do not understand what are

you talking about huh

the things that the things that natani

learn from the moments they make

sense to me

both of you get out

get the shovels get out

he must learn and

even though they were sick the

missionaries stood up

in the back of their wagon and they

raised their arms in the air and they


hurrah for israel hurrah for

israel that's right and they all lived

happily ever after

good night girls

daddy yes nancy

how come to all your stories and happily

ever after

well it's because i'm telling them to


no really even your sad stories seem to

end happy

well if you're good and you wait long


all your stories will end happily i lost

all my friends in idaho when we moved


what's happy about that in three years

you're gonna go back to idaho and you

will be happy

to see them my cousin levi died

what's happy about that

when you die you will be with levi in



sometimes i get scared and lonely here

sometimes i do too

what do you do when you feel that way

i tell stories with happy endings to my


daddy yes nancy

if i die before you wherever i go

i will wait for you there thank you


i will i will wait for you too


get in the hole

get in

you will spend the night here and have a

good thing

we shall see how you feel about these

moments in the morning

i will come back for you in the morning

my father spend this time with yourself


have a good thing

okay come

what was that oh it's just coconut

spring blooming

keep your eyes closed that's it okay

keep your eyes closed

come on come on everything's okay

oh god

thank god

hear me

dear brother don't die come



let me help you

go get your brother


my brother


peace i live with you

my peace i give unto you

not as the world giveth

give i unto you

do not let your heart be troubled

let it be afraid



i'm so happy to see you where did you


what are you doing here

baptize me

okay third time i'll baptize you

tomorrow but

you need to go back to bed no you need

to rest

and i want

to be baptized now

you have the authority

today it is the middle of the night

will baptize you in the morning

if i die before morning

i want to die baptized

you are sure

i will baptize you

having been commissioned