she's watching walnuts on her phone

right now


hey guys lots of NASA nation welcome

back to the video today we are starting

off the second day here in Paris today

I'm going to be taking you to a museum

where you can see the Mona Lisa pictures

and it's like a triangle type of frame

thing so let's go over there and check

it out whoa look at that triangle frame

type of thing

we can actually go inside and vlog it

I'm gonna try to get in there and vlog

it for you guys so yeah I know so here's

the museum rather keep all the famous

pictures and paintings yeah they're

worth millions of dollars so the highly

secured as well the behind inside that


today I'm going to be taking you inside

this pyramid type of thing let's go

check it out I'm interested to know

what's inside as well so let's go inside

together and explore before you go

inside the pyramid you have to do a

safety check I'm for everything in here

and then you are clear to go inside to

buy the tickets so this is what's inside

the pyramid tons of people

the NAFTA nation are just securely

checked in with our tickets we're gonna

go inside I'm looking some paintings

here in Paris apparently there's

pictures of Mona Lisa inside which I'm

really really eager to see so let's go

together and check it out in applanation

this is the painting of Mona Lisa and

I'm just kidding let's go upstairs it's

actually upstairs that was not the

painting you're heading upstairs it's a

long walk

yo guys check out this bathtub

discovered in 1807 it's in the Museum of

Paris check this out Wow

I'm not sure if you don't touch it but

I'm going to touch it anyway because I'm

a savage because it's like Marvel type

very solid very solid






guys check it out the painting of Mona

Lisa I don't know why is behind glass it

just does not make sense to me

it's alright check it out I'm gonna zoom

in so you guys can see

and look at the crowd you could the

crowd to see that picture

the paintings you see on the wall after

itself of millions and millions of


they were painted in the 1780s look at




look how big this painting is oh my god



whoa look at this room

yo guys



if these tablets that have Egyptian

writing these are really really old Wow

look at the olden day plates to have

here like the uses for soups and food in

the olden days water plates


the guy's face you home this capsule

guys with writing on the Egyptian

writing I think my sister can understand


what does I say


look so according to my sister he says

get the hell out of here or you're gonna

get cursed are you sure yeah so I'm not

sure if you know this is a mummy

coughing okay together Wow

it's sacred I wonder what happens we

touch it

I just touched it is because grave this

is sick I was just leaning on a negative

as a girl to not to lean on this grave


either not sure what exactly that is but

it looks absolutely - together this

hanging from the ceiling above but this

shop is also cool whatever the selling

like products beauty products of stuff

come on come on get a move on let's go

let's go let's go oh my god guys do come

my sister's hell I messed up waxing my

sisters black hair look at that guys

that is sick she's using a fault oh

she's watching more bloods on her phone

right now