Venice Simplon Orient Express Full Experience Luxurious Train | Venice to London

oh wow that is such a nice looking

carriage how cozy and his vintage does

our bedroom look they were currently

going to sleep in Lichtenstein we're

then through the night gonna cruise

through Switzerland and in the morning

wake up in France hey guys and welcome

to Venice we've just arrived in Italy in

the next few days are going to be so

exciting because tomorrow morning we're

gonna board the Orient Express headed

towards London so this particular train

journey is extra special for me because

when I was a kid I used to watch classic

old movies with my grandpa and one of

our favorites was Murder on the Orient

Express and I could never imagine in my

wildest dreams that I would be

experiencing this journey tomorrow so

this video is dedicated to you grandpa

this video has been kindly sponsored by

omae's and what's even more exciting is

that they're giving away a trip for two

on board the Venice simple and Orient

Express and what's even better is that

your donations are going to go to a

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chance to win and seeing as we have one

whole night in Venice we may as well

make the most of it





we're in Italy technically we are being

very cultured tonight because we're

having naki and pizza that's why I love

it it's in one place we're gonna Peter

not be judged good morning guys it is

the next day and I'll pick up has just


I'll escort to the train station and is

happening on a boat

so thank you so much

the best s


so we checked it on the boat but our

boarding pass

30 times 11

thank you

oh wow earring that is such a nice

looking carriage so what are we on what

parish hello


this is organized look at the wood

finishing on yeah wow this is going to

be our room for the next couple of days

Wow oh my gosh I'm so excited everyone

is being it's so nice it is this kind of

got a photo with the guy he's gonna be

looking off dressy sir curious he's very

fit as well also they've left us a

little package in there yeah these are a

little like baggage tags yes thank you

so welcome aboard I'm actually met today

I'm just here to keep your lunch

reservation midday thank you

so we have a standard Kevin here on the

Orient Express and what happened was a

company called Bell one bought up all

the old original cabins renovated it and

now is called the Venice simplon Orient

Express and that was what we're

currently on and where our journey will

take us all the way to London so let's

give you guys a bit of a room tour

because wow this is just absolutely

incredible I just love the wooden

finishings with the flower design on the

doors here you can just feel like it's a

very luxurious cabin and if you come

over here so if you're a family you can

by connecting cabin so that is someone

just through here and in here we have

our own would you say bathroom net is

that a correct term like a mini bathroom

in here so it opens up and we have our

own basin we got running water on here

we've got some nice of branded Venice

simple and Orient Express towels they

even have and I have to give you guys a

bit of a tour of this after but they

have a luxury travel collection in here

and I'm interested what's in here that

really packs away nicely inside there

over here we have a small table which I

believe will pack away but they have

some crystal glasses just here but yes

this is pretty much up chair it is

gigantic it's like a massive couch and I

believe these will turn

into our beds it is bunk bed style and

that is of course because these are the

original trains and the original

trainings well they're not so modern

where they want humongous rooms so it's

definitely authentic to be in this room

I'm just so excited Bianca



yes Luther just order some champagne and

I'll join you we asked the gun it's

gonna be an amazing two days



there is a live pianist


yes sir please view come follow me thank

you so much please you're welcome thank


we eat all day

sunny with some Italian olive oil and

some bread at Italy

first course is a tasty asparagus soup

it's good

so our mains have just come out we are

having seafood we have some sea bass

it's so good Michael let me need


almost looks like an art piece to be

honest it looks good there's something


so to keep with the authentic style of

how the trains were in the 1922 1940s

there isn't a shower on the train

however they do have a beautiful

bathroom which is one at each carriage

this is the one closest to us coming

here there is a cozy toilet really nice

mirrors I like how they've done that and

definitely one thing that stands out is

it smells really nice and yeah I don't

know if it's the oceans or the perfume

they put on in here because usually

train toilets yeah you've been on an

overnight train you know what it's like

but of course this is a luxury one also

I do like how old school will be toilet



can you hear me say

the cards the same



you know

you're welcome thank you so much so it's

a couple of hours later and we cannot

stop looking outside this window we just

cross the Dolomites in Italy oh my gosh

the mountains there are amazing and

we're actually about to cross into

Austria there's still so many mountains

and all the houses are now to learn from

that Italian style into Austrian styles

that's so so cool but it's four o'clock

which means it is afternoon tea time

so Rupert has just come in us tea

everything by the way

is actually is it's a lot like proper

silverware yes I was reading so it's

silverware it is bone china and it is

all very elegant and then we've got like

a little array of different little

sweets but this has been a circle

actually going through five different

countries but after beauty serve bob's

afternoon lunch in italy afternoon tea

in austria


welcome to austria everyone we found out

that every time we're about to cross the

border they actually have to change the

engine and the conductor to be from the

next country so about to go to germany

so they're changing the engine to a

german engine and changing the conductor

to a german conductor I had no idea but

welcome to Innsbruck everybody and this

is so close to where we were just two

series ago

in the very now yes cut to some amazing

very encouraged we got from there I want

you to go with me everywhere I go

do everything I do that's how much I

love you I want you to be with me every

time I play when I'm sad or when I'm gay

it's really been like just over two

weeks since we're in this area and I

already message the Alps are just so

beautiful this time of year

how much how much how much I love


already when we get back from dinner

this should be transformed into our

bedroom okay so here on the train

actually have two sittings a seven

o'clock or 9 o'clock we've opted in for

seven person grandmas and I'm so hungry

but dinner on the train is actually a

formal event so I went and actually when

do I buy this like three days ago three

days ago when it got a nice button-up

shirt with some black pants and shoes

and thank you so much


it's really good room has just been

transformed for the evening wow this

looks cozy so it's a bunk bed situation

so one can sleep down here the other can

sleep down there well they have since

not a mattress two pillows I think the

top you bags the top nice are they

giving us some slippers and it also

looks like they've given us some Orient

Express robes if we haven't eaten enough

but how cozy and his vintage does our

bedroom look now that is being prepared

especially with the dimmed lighting yes

I think it's time to get into our ropes

yeah we've been waiting to tonight to

open this looks very lush oh it's even

branded yeah and I think we get to keep

this which is nice oh really yeah oh wow

it's like oh oh calming skin bomb and

Sweeting bomb for aching feet

moisturizing lip balm

well that's fancy honest more oh wow

it's all like eye cream and stuff all

right we can just have like a little

kind of a session now that's so cool

it's huge

well perfect oh that's nice

so we're currently going to sleep in

Lichtenstein we're then through the

night gonna cruise through Switzerland

and in the morning to wake up in France

but this is almost surreal watching the

classic movie whilst going to sleep on

the train Wow we will see you guys

bright and early in the morning


good my eyes just woke up it's just

after 7:00 the Sun has just started to



so a room has been transformed back into

a sitting area and they brought us

breakfast so having a continental

breakfast this morning and actually

bring into everyone's room so we've got

coffee freshly baked breads and

croissants a bunch of different jams and

honey's juice coffee and fresh fruit but

that was like a very nice way to wake up

yeah definitely once you guys we've had

such an incredible and enjoyable journey

so far

and it's only now just starting day two

we don't get into London until late this

afternoon but it would be so amazing to

see one of you do this journey and the

grand prize is the full six days on the

train so you go from Paris all the way

to Istanbul including your return

flights I would love to see one of you

do this journey because it's just been

unforgettable so here on the train they

have a bar cart

and while we're chillin in Paris because

laser come in and get a coffee so they

serve copies cocktails champagne wine

this place looks like very busy last

night full of people coming for drinks

but we've come in this morning much more

quieter got our sauce and cappuccinos

and then actually served us some cookies

as well you never get hungry on this

train you never get hungry on the

Australians it's kind of like just being

on a cruise ship on wheels so in our

room we found postcards we decided to

write to our mum and dad and I wrote I'm

currently writing to you on board the

Orient Express

unfortunately no one got murdered when

they did serve lobster for brunch

lots of love did you say unfortunately

or fortunately hope to see you guys

again someday in the future so sadly

this is where we say goodbye to the

Orient Express for right on the tip of

France but this journey doesn't end just

yet we're about to catch a coach under

the Underground's are under through the

channel to folston in the UK and that's

we're gonna be boarding our second train

we're gonna be jumping onto the Belmond

British Pullman and I'm excited just to

see what this one looks like we just got

onto the coach there's a coffee machine

back there

Nancy's fast this is a bit better than

Megabus that we caught across the last

time we came to us the channel looks

like a boardroom meeting and back oh wow

fancy and of course are in the UK got

the newspaper in about 30 minutes we'll

be in England

first of all just got to go under the

water but of course they had to make it

in style while giving us champagne


we're now gonna board another very

luxury train the British Pullman which

is going to complete the journey here

from Folkston all the way into London so

each of the different carriages has a

lot of history the one that just pulled

up in front of me Audrey this carried

Queen Elizabeth the second most of all

times we just need to find which one we

are in

hello welcome sure which carriage are

you as the now seen around to your left


Rach I will be - OH - your seat thank

you so for the cherry on top of an

already unforgettable time aboard the

British Pullman we were served champagne

once again as well as a full British

high tea we had unlimited tea from

England with top-ups

just about every 10 minutes along with

small sandwiches treats and of course we

had to have some scones he can't have

scones without high tea in England and

then we slowly watched the sunset drift

in as we arrived into London but we both

hope you had an absolutely incredible

journey with us going across the Orient

Express honestly this was a

once-in-a-lifetime experience and we're

so thankful that amazed have this happen

so if you guys want to win a trip or two

aboard the Venice simple an orange

Express make sure you head to a maze

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really want to see one of you do this

full experience because it was

unbelievable and unforgettable but if

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thanks so much for watching guys we'll

see you next time