Destiny 2: How To Present An Offering To The Oracle, Where Is The Oracle


all right guardians in this video we're

going over how to present an offering to

the Oracle first off you're gonna need

to stop by petra venj and buy two

bounties for your maximum loot Dayna j--

first audience of the queen and more

importantly gateway between worlds

this one will reward you the offering

that you need to offer up to the Oracle

you may also want to purchase a few tier

1 and/or 2-year two tokens for the blind

well if you don't already have some once

you have both of those and some tokens

head on over to the blind well you'll

either need to bring a fireteam or you

can hope there's a few people doing the

events I've been lucky every single time

I've gone there with the exception of

earlier this morning there's been at

least three or four people already

trying to do it or they very quickly

come in so if you're a solo player like

me you have a good chance you're gonna

get this done pretty easily pretty

quickly you'll need to get some blind

well completions depending on which tier

you do this could take a little while

Tier one gives 10% and tier 2 gives 20%

towards your gateway bounty I can't say

about the others because I haven't

personally attempted the higher tiers

beyond tier two but once you get 100%

collect your bounty and you will get the

offering now that you have that to get

to the Oracle and use the fast travel

marker and then follow my lead all the

way to the Oracle and claim your rewards

and that's going to do it so hopefully

you Guardians found this guide helpful

and informative

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to you the channel and

as always stay positive be happy be

healthy live long and prosper and have a

super awesome



do you feel it the light is back we're


aisel guardian