how's it going guys we are back with

another destiny 2 video and we do have

another secret shrimp as this reset

Petra has the new quest Oracle engine so

if you complete this quest along the

journey you will find a Nevada Nam take

a night feed to take down and collect

eight secret triumphs the triumph in

this case is called Agra know so what

you need to do is essentially accept the

quest and then once you've accepted a

quest continue the quest until you get

to the set of stairs that you are seeing

now go up these steps and continue along

the way until you get to this bridge

once you get to this bridge if you can

see on the Left already which we didn't

know it's the first time Audio Nam is

just resting on the left however as we

progressed we'll you'll realize that our

radar was still showing a red marker so

when we looked around we found him on

the Left perch there sitting he is a 585

power level recommended boss so do make

sure that you do actually go prepared

preferably with a friend or two so if

one of you died you the other can

basically hide or get away so you can

recover this is a no respawn zone as

soon as you attack him so if you die you

wipe and you pretty much have to do the

whole thing again as I said he is a 585

power level recommended boss so go in

dares prepared but this is the location

you'll find him and upon defeating him

you pretty much are awarded with the

triumph I hope this video has been

useful to you and if it has a like would

be greatly appreciated until next time

Guardians remain legend