Destiny 2 Forsaken - Offering to the Oracle Engine (Queen's Bounty- How to)

mca's guides hey guys

Mackey here with another destiny 2

forsaken video in this video I wanted to

show you guys how to make an offering to

the Oracle it's something I've seen a

lot of people asking about and it's not

too confusing but it can be a little bit

confusing or daunting if you're not

really sure what to do once you reach

the Dreaming city and I wouldn't really

recommend going for this until you're

probably at least light level 508 and

after completing this you should get

probably two to three really good

powerful drops so you might want to even

save those for later when you're trying

to get raid ready but what you want to

do is visit Petra in the dreaming city

and look through her pursuits and you'll

need to buy these using dark fragments

now dark fragments can be earned from

just about anything in the Dreaming city

like doing public events doing patrols

finding regional chests finding

ascendant chests doing ascendant

challenges and then going to the blind

well in completing tier one or two

you're too blind wells also so you'll

need to get enough dark fragments to

make sure to buy the top two right

pursuits from her now one is called

audience with the Queen and you may have

purchased that one first because it was

cheaper but the one you actually want to

start with is called gateway between

worlds this one's gonna cost 40 and what

you're gonna need to do is you're going

to need to do completions of the blind

well now many of you may be familiar

with the blind well already but I did

want to explain some of the things that

you can expect here so that you can kind

of maximize your runs now you'll want to

mark this place on your map and then go

there if there's no one there to help

you you'll probably want a fast travel

back to the beginning and keep coming

here until you can find a group of about

three or four people you need to

complete runs of the blind well you can

start an instance by putting in a charge

of light which you can buy off petra or

you can mooch off other people and let

them put in their charges of light now

Tier one will give you ten percent

completion towards this weekly bounty

Tier two will give you twenty percent

and I'm not sure what Tier three will

give you but I imagine it's thirty

percent you will need to be a high light

level and have a lot of other Guardians

here with you now the way the blind well

works is that there will be a safe zone

you got to stay inside of this bubble or

else you'll take damage to the outside

world there will also be some special

enemies you want to take a look at there

are glowing white enemies called amantha

m'as I think that's what how it's

pronounced but once you kill them they

will drop orbs when these orbs are

picked up you will be given the harmony

buff while you have the harmony buff you

can roam outside without taking damage

it will also additionally build your

super and all of your abilities and

while you have the harmony buff you will

be able to take off the shield of the

special servants otherwise they will be

completely immune so either stay in the

middle and kill ads or pick up the

Harmony orbs and then focus on servants

and make sure you are using a lot of

your super because you will be

rebuilding it very quickly if you are

using harmony orbs essentially all you

need to do is fill up the light

deposited kind of meter percentage bar

in the top left and once it reaches 100%

before reaching zero on the timer you'll

just go from shield to shield and then

it eventually goes to wave 5 which is

the boss battle similar to the servants

the bosses shield can only be damaged if

you are holding a harmony orb and then

once that shield is gone everyone else

should be able to damage it no problem I

would recommend again you know making

sure to use your super a lot making sure

to do this with a lot of Guardians

generate orbs for each other

make sure everyone's using some powerful

good gear you shouldn't have too many

issues this is also a decently good way

to farm prime engrams which will be very

helpful in leveling your light but once

you complete at least ten runs of tier

one or five runs of tier two or a

combination of all of those you should

be able to go to your inventory and then

go to that weekly bounty the gateway

between worlds and you should be able to

now complete it and you will be given

the offering to the Oracle as a

consumable now what we need to do is

take this to the Oracle engine which is

inside of the observatory you can

quickly find the observatory on the map

near this area where my cursor is spawn

in the normal spawn and then go kind of

forward into the

left and you should be able to kind of

see the observatory it's a large tower

off in the distance you will then go

inside climb up and offer your Oracle to

the little stone inside the engine will

kind of do its thing and spawn a chest

in front of you that chest will have

some high level gear but not only do you

want to pick up the chest you also want

to complete the weekly bounty that is

inside of your inventory now to get even

more additional items so as you can see

the Oracle engine has lined up the chest

has spawned I've went inside and I've

gotten a new bounty as well as a warlock

bond that is not at a very high level I

believe that one's only at 500 but I go

into my inventory and then I complete

the quest called audience with the Queen

I also get dark fragments here and some

legendary gear a whole bunch of stuff I

got a really great sword as well as

another Warlock bond at a higher level

and then I got some more dark fragments

which I can spend on some things next

week but once I equipped all those

things I actually gained three or four

power light levels just from completing

this quest or this kind of weekly bounty

quest line which i think is really great

so I'm a 514 now with everything

equipped and yeah don't forget to make

sure you're going into your inventory to

complete these bounties and make sure

you're you know using all of your great

gear you do also get a triumph as I'm

showing on screen so make sure you're

redeeming those as well additionally if

you go through your inventory you should

now also have two new purification

rituals and these are going to be

Queen's bounties for completing a strike

while in ascendant and then also I

believe there's one for doing the

ascendant challenge and killing three of

the Knights so make sure you pick those

up too and complete those you'll get

some more gear as well thank you guys so

much for watching hope this video is

helpful make sure to share with the

destiny community and hopefully I'll see

you in some of my future videos thank

you so much for watching

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you next time peace