Destiny 2: How To Unlock TWO Secret Triumphs In The Oracle Engine Mission In The Dreaming City


all right guardians in this video I'll

be showing you how to unlock two

different secret triumphs in the Oracle

engine mission first one is a 580

leveled enemy so just keep that in mind

you do you want to be at least 5 35 35

to do damage to them and if you're not

this will come back in like 2 or 3 weeks

so don't worry it'll be here when you're

there when you're ready but otherwise

just go ahead and go through the mission

until you get about here we'll call it

the first Shrieker encounter appearance

once you see this first Shrieker that's

kind of your your your light bulb moment

go ahead and start paying attention to

where you're at but just follow the

mission like always I honestly would

recommend clearing out all these enemies

you don't see me do it because I'm like

I'm 600 my toe gear but it would have

been a lot easier to just get these guys

out of the way

and so but once you get that done go to

the far left you see a guy little

enemies taking night sitting there go

ahead and take him out and you will get

the aggro no secret triumphs that's part

one after you kill him

I didn't pop up because I've already

gotten it I've actually already made

this video before I'm just remaking it

and adding more stuff to it so it's more

complete and better

I always go throughout the mission until

you get to the final boss encounters

with me two ogres once you got the first

ogre spawned in start doing damage to

them and then eventually the second ogre

will spawn in do not kill either one of

these dudes it doesn't matter how you're

doing damage to him I would suggest

saving your super especially if you've

got a blade barrage it works out


if you got a sleeper simulant to be very

careful or a whisper of the worm that is

also another great option I went with

malfeasance because I just recently got

a buff and it is pretty decent I like it

well I liked it before but it's even

better now so that also works pretty

well but what you want to do is just

edge these ogres what I mean by edge is

like to take them to like the very like

one shot it will kill them kind of

health and then once that you got that

start working on the second ogre and

once you got both of them just try and

like they'll start following you and so

just try and get them as close together

as possible and then once they're both

really like one shot just pop your super

and or you know your sleeper and because

because - in order to get the twinsies

secret triumphs you have to kill both

overs within 5 seconds of each other

it's really not that hard it's just

getting it there like I almost messed it

up in this video as you'll see but we

got it done and then so yeah hopefully

this guy helped you out if it did hit

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other additions to your triumphs I

figure out I'll just put a link in the

description box down below instead of

remaking this whole video again but if

it did found it helpful informative like

I said hit the like button and subscribe

and as always stay positive

be happy be

see live long and prosper and have an

incredible week




do you feel it

the light is back we're back

aisel guardian