before I go on with today's video I just

want to make a quick announcement

if anyone down in the comment section in

the next three weeks is posting spoilers

your comment will be removed from the

comments section I really love you guys

and I love your support and I love the

way our community is really really nice

and friendly and I highly doubt any of

you guys down in the comments section

would want to spoil the experience for

any of the other bandits out there

watching today but just to let you guys

know this channel is going to be a

spoiler free friendly Channel and I

myself personally also wouldn't want the

experience to be ruined for myself so I

just wanted to announce that first so

Red Dead Redemption 2 is being released

in just over 20 days and by the end of

this week come Monday it will be less

than three weeks away from release until

we finally get the game in our hands but

despite this there's already been leaks

rumors and even players already playing

the game throughout various consoles

with the game so close it is now

imminent that leaks will begin to prop

up and it could be anywhere ready

YouTube GTA forums even Facebook well

there's more to the story than this and

today we're going to discuss all the

issues ahead

how to prevent spoilers from ruining

your experience and also what sort of

leaks to expect to see and sites to

avoid firstly Xbox achievements dorg and

true achievements calm our websites to

track achievements through games the

sites are really great to keep track of

achievements you miss in a game reveal

hidden or secret achievements and

achievements for games that aren't even

out yet and that's our first huge issue

right there usually the true

achievements site will get the

achievement list to a game one or two

weeks prior to the game's release

as soon as Microsoft update the official

store page or database with the data for

the game this of course is a major issue

and the site will inevitably post these

online and make them available now

seeing the achievements list is fun I

might even have a look myself I mean

after all as soon as you turn on your

xbox and put the game in your disc drive

you will get the achievements list you

don't have to progress through the story

to get those achievements released to

you the same goes for if you have a

friend on your friends list you can see

their achievements so it doesn't

necessarily spoil the game but what

we're talking about here is access to

the hidden achieved

on the website and I really hope

rockstar games are very sneaky about

these secret achievements and say you

need to progress in the story to unlock

this achievement because sometimes you

get a story achievements that are locked

in game and then the descriptions for

the achievements are physically spoiling

the game so for instance there'll be an

achievement in Call of Duty saying you

killed this guy in the story mode and

you're like hey why'd you write that

because these websites are able to

actually release the secret achievements

so I hoped our games go down a secret

pathway with that so we don't get

anything spoiled but it's just a heads

up guys just in case you use that site

and decide to click on it a warning that

you may find things you don't want to

see next is that one or two people in

the last two days have been spotted

playing the game and it's been confirmed

that someone with access to the game has

been seen playing on a personal account

on the PlayStation 4

earlier this week while this might just

be a review copy or a rockstar dev

there's also another website called how

long to beat comm one of you guys sent

me that link on Twitter so shout out for

you for doing that for me actually

various people sent me that link and I

checked it out and it says that

currently five people may have access to

Red Dead Redemption to across the

PlayStation 4 and Xbox one consoles and

I tried to reach out to some of these

users but about three or four of the

accounts are private I only managed to

message one and I haven't had a response

just yet now this website may be fake it

maybe it's just be reno releasing folks

information but it's just in case guys

i'm not saying it is but just in case

five people do have the game leaks will

start propping up very soon the last

issue we have with the leaks is already

available widely on the internet and IGN

played a dirty game yesterday releasing

a brand new preview on Red Dead

Redemption too saying no spoilers

naturally many people clicked and read

through the details only to find that a

sub-header warned them of spoilers and

there were actually story spoilers in

IGN's article now they didn't play any

story missions so I guess they weren't

story spoilers but they definitely

revealed how the game stars what major

events happen with certain characters I

won't name them because don't even want

to suggest any spoilers but I will say

that there is spoilers in their article

so stay well away from IGN and I just

want to pass on the word that this

channel you're watching right now is

going to be spoiler free spoiler

friendly as in I will

remove spoilers if I see them and so on

and so forth if I were you and you don't

want to avoid spoilers as much as me I

would go onto Google Chrome and search

for extensions that do block spoilers

there's a few extensions out there for

Google Chrome and add-ons that actually

block spoilers and help prevent you from

seeing information you don't want to see

so I just thought that was cool

if you guys want to check that out I

would definitely recommend that so we've

got people playing the game you know

there's achievement lists that will be

coming out soon maybe even you know

official game play being released on

YouTube much like there was with gta5 a

week or two before release so be careful


stay safe and enjoy the final last few

weeks until release I'll see you guys in

the next Red Dead Redemption 2 video

very very soon audio