How to find Haunter & Gengar in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

hello welcome back to a fine video for

gulanite in pearl today we're gonna be

one for Haunter and Gengar like I

mentioned in the previous video that I

uploaded do you find these two Pokemon

you need to start a new turn a city and

you can head west into eternal forest

and into the old chateau but before this

there are a few prerequisites needed for

this Pope for these two Pokemon what you

need is to have completed the game up to

the point where you have obtained a

national dex

which allows you to insert the game into

the bottom slot in the game where the DS

recognizes it and allows you to

encounter those special Pokemon if you

cannot do this you cannot find gang

guard or hunter so what you got to do

now is make sure you have beaten the

game have your national dex make sure

you insert any game so it can be

firered/leafgreen emerald ruby or

sapphire any of those five games insert

it into the bottom slot make sure the DS

recognizes it which in the menu it

should recognize it if it works everyth

everything is working properly and what

you also need is if we're in the notes

cut if you have all this that's all you

need to do so we're gonna head over to

turn city as I talked about the

encounter rates for these Pokemon

so from launcher you can hunt it in any

hunt hunt yes you can hunt it in any

room in the old chateau given you have

the bottom slot inserted comes out in

the 8% counter right so it's a decent

decent odds of finding it but let's say

for Gengar there's a specific room you

can only hunt it in in that room I'll

show you right here what happens is

Gengar gets a 4% and hunter gets a 4%

encounter right in that room with gastly

being the remaining 92% so we're gonna

go in there and we're just going to find

it real quick so I'm going to be quiet

because I might get into some encounters

on our way to the right room

okay and this is the room we've got to

be in now you want to know you're the

reason this is the right room is because

it's the one of the eyes as you can see

that little painting in the little bit

off left side of the middle it changes

its eyes kind of flicker when you move

towards it so this is the room we want

to be in and with eight percent counter

rate for both Pokemon combined let's go

there we go we have found hunter that

did not take much time at all we're just

going to throw an ultra ball because it

is a ghost type and we cannot capture it

with false white where we cannot damage

it with false wipe I should say


and unfortunately we did not capture it

so we will now cut to when we do and

there we go we have captured did not

take any time at all

very easy oh and I keep naming them by

accident all right so that's Haunter

we're just gonna get Gengar really quick


and we found gang gar like I said you

could find in this game only took me

three other hunters including the one I

caught so that's not too bad that's only

two times over what would have been the

same encounter roll percentage which is


anyway Gengar can be caught here it's a

very very good Pokemon honestly it can

learn some very good moves they could

learn meanlook can become very handy

with you want to hunt some of the

roaming Pokemon in this game it just has

a difficult capture it so we're gonna

cut to when I actually capture it


and of course when I say it's difficult

to catch you know when I say I'm gonna

cut we find it or I should say we caught

it Hey

that is - Gengar and Haunter in this

game very ending Pokemon it's cool to

actually be able to find a gang gar in

the wild that's nice anyway thank you

for watching make sure you stay tuned

for whatever post next year