Pokemon Platinum HOW TO CATCH GENGAR + all The Items In The Old Chateau

This is the gaming f channel here and welcome to a pokemon platinum tutorial in this tutorial

I'll show you how to get a gengar in the old Chateau

Also, since we're here. I'll show you all the items in this place, so let's get started

Of course your first item is outside the place and it's called an ether

(totally didn't huff at the mic)

the next Three item are only exclusive to Pokémon platinum, and I'll show you now

the first one to have is inside this box, and it's a honey

the next one which is obvious right here is

a Rare Candy. and this now the item that you can sell a big pearl

It also I'd like to say that inside this trash can exclusive to Pokémon diamond and pearl you can have an antidote

Yeah, not really special

In the second floor in the left room. Sorry about the repel you can have an old get.. (


In this room you can have the dread plate

And the last item to find in this mansion is TM 90 SUBSTITUTE


Also, I'd like to say that there's a Rotom

right now in this TV

If you can go to this mansion in the night his level 20 and is very hard to catch

So have some pokeballs to catch him

Now the moment that everyone clicked on this unknown video for how to catch a gengar now

Gengar is one of the most hardest Pokemon to have because you only can catch him due to trading

But if you have no friends(and no life . sad) like me you can have some problems, but thanks to Generation 4 here

We can actually have one

But you need to have some equipment

first you need to have an old DS That plays Gameboy advance games and go to this room that has this creepy painting right here, and

You have to put a generation 3 game like ruby and sapphire

Keep in mind that if there's only one I mean 4%chance to catch a gengar in this place now

I know what your gonna say. how the hell can you know this trick, but thanks to the internet(really?)

i actually know how to do it

So the reason that I cannot show how to catch one because I'm actually playing on an emulator, and you need to have a DS

Now this is my tutorial. Thank you for watching and subscribe if you want to see more of these things and I'll see you all next time