Pokemon Platinum - Part 10 - The Old Chateau

hey guys welcome back to let's play

pokemon platinum and in this episode

we're gonna be doing some time sensitive

events before we checking out this

mysterious building to the north and the

first thing we need to do is if you do

not have a cup of Fogel balls lying

around you may want to get some here at

the pokey Mart by considering I have a

fair amount I think I should be good for

the event so we're gonna knock out in

this episode so I've told you that let's

get started and the first thing we're

gonna be doing in this episode is

actually doing a tiny bit of

backtracking so let's head on over and

then so employee wrong why we want to

come over here - well the left half of

route 205 I don't really think this part

of the game has a name and we are going

to teach the HM that that very

mysterious lady gave to us in the

previous episode hm oh one cut and

luckily for us doop can learn this move

it's not a great move to teach you a

Pokemon you really want to do a lot of

damage so that is why we will be

teaching it to doop coz doop is just so

handy in fact they can learn pretty much

almost every HM in this game which makes

it really nice to have a long but this

is a shortcut to where if you don't want

to go through eternal forest every

single time you don't have to and

there's also some secret items over here

like a silver powder probably one of

them cheapest like items to give to a

Pokemon ever essentially just stops

Pokemon from hitting you early such ants

will come to think about an item that

did that would be pretty broken also tea

m82 sleep talk very situational moving

what do you have to say are you

collecting accessories I've got

something for you oh thank you I like to

imagine this NPC just picked up a giant

tree here's a bird true and just put it

into my bag probably not that cuz

sitting um yeah I don't think she could

pick up once but just keep following

this path and eventually you'll find

some more trees this is the entrance to

return a forest and we will be back to

eternal fours later on in this episode

but not right now because there's a

couple things I want to talk about now

the day you're watching this video is

actually a week

like I've recorded so many of these

videos you're seeing this probably on a

Friday but this is a Friday night kind

of in the past a little bit that's just

kind of how I do my videos and over

here's a heel ball don't know if that'll

ever come in handy but yes today we're

gonna be knocking out a time-sensitive

event you may remember

okay I was really afraid I was gonna

battle me let's check it on me true okay

I will show the honey tree off

eventually guys I'm getting really

unlucky response but if we come over

here to the valley a twit yeah it's on

it's a ghost

come here Friday and there's a ghost it

doesn't matter what time of day just

coming here on a Friday and there'll be

this special Pokemon that the professor

was talking about his Christ fur oh yeah

this is a legendary Pokemon or anything

but this is how you can encounter a

drifblim one of the most unique pokemon

of this generation it's a ghost flying

type I really do like this bulk of odd

but it's kind of just a little bit on

the defensive side too much for my taste

it does eventually become a really

powerful Pokemon but and there's more

interesting fourth generation Pokemon to

show up I know it's gonna sound really

mean and all but I don't know I just

is it wrong for you to say drifblim

always just kind of creeped me out a

little bit mostly because of its pokedex

entry which we may it get into but the

astonish coming out whoa do you for

dammit so started let's draw a bubble

beam this thing down I want to really

capture this Pokemon not because it's

good on a team or anything but really

why the heck not it's right here and

might as well seize the opportunity in

all that but let's try hmm

our dusk ball could come in handy but in

reality I think a pokeball should do it

doesn't have the highest catch rate in

the world lowest I guess what make more

sense in this scenario

so come on getting above you got to stay

outside whenever we caught herself eight

drift limb drifloon that caught drifblim

I'm gonna feel really stupid if I did

because his name is literally right

there but because of the

flutes aimlessly an old folktale calls

it a signpost of wandering spirits ya

platinum decided to give this Pokemon a

kind of nicer entry and the Pokedex but

one of them is the most disturbing thing

of all Pokemon it is so weird guys and

know this is an apartment party member I

just really wanted to show this Pokemon

off but yes I was referencing the

daughter of the owner of the valley one

works my program is not working so I do

not record videos at night even though

you know it's kind of nice to record

video sometimes at night because has a

little bit of different ambience to

Pokemon and all that stuff but yeah one

of the most disturbing pokedex entries

is one that talks about drift bloom and

how it takes children that just behave

and picks them up and takes them to the

underworld it is really really bizarre I

don't know how that got passed

censorship and all that stuff but it's

really really what you're doing what

about that guy because we are not done

yet and we really need to not get in any

battles that'd be super nice because

we're gonna head back to eterna

forest because there's another location

I loop repeller there's another location

I really want to show off in this

episode so really quickly I'm gonna meet

you guys

right near the rear entrance to the

forest a couple of cut trees later we

are back here and route 205 and now that

we have defeated gardenia there's gonna

be something a little bit different

about this place and hello and hiya are

you intrigued by the rumors going around

- what rumors and you know people have

been talking about the ghost Pokemon at

the old chat oh I've been hearing rumors

about sinister shadows - I should check

it out myself but going in there is well

you know being that I'm a gym leader I'm

always busy so uh since I'm so busy I

can't go in that's not because I'm

scared yes okay good with your best

again I'm not investigating this back

yes we kind of have to now so something

spooky is going on in the old chant so

well now that we have cuts and the gym

badge to use it we can investigate this

place and we really wanted to

so because this is hands-down one of my

favorite areas and the entire game and

before we go in I believe there is a

hidden item yeah that I really want to

show off and if we come over here

oh are you kidding me I really don't

want to use another repel to come over

here but I guess I should have been here

as an ether nothing really too great but

if you come up here press a you can find

the insect plate pretty cool and there's

a text engraved on the back of the plate

the power of defeated Giants it uses

this plate what that has to do with

insects I have no idea but hey that's

pretty cool and please no random account

okay awesome so this is an optional area

inside a Pokemon platinum the old chato

and there's a lot to see and do inside

of this place as it is some of the

creepiest music and all of Pokemon but

that's not just it Game Freak loves

scary people and it appears as if it's

glaring and key that's kind of creepy

but even creepier are some ghost sight

Pokemon encounter he actually it's only

ghastly ghastly is a really great

Pokemon it's fast and if you give it

enough time it can be a real monster but

I'm already use gasoline LPS before well

more so it's evolution so I don't think

I'll be using one for this playthrough

but hey if you need a go side for

whatever reason in your playthrough this

is a nice place to get one and yeah as

always using curse on random encounters

probably not too great but now that

we've seen the only Pokemon we can

encounter here let's put on that repel

it sounds good to me but yes this is a

very interesting done just really really

weird music I don't like it here we have

the old ghetto which is just a really

weird cake I believe it's kind of like

French cake I don't know I always

reelect the description of it though old

Cheetos hidden specialty apparently very

hidden since it's in the middle of some

room not refrigerated or anything but

yes just like a purple block I don't

know if that's actual food in the real

world or if it looks like that but no no

I always thought was kind of cool and

speaking of food

my I'm starvin let's head on over to the

dining hall and get some more secret

items cuz why the heck not dude I don't

know why I just really enjoy this area

because I didn't even know it existed

when my friends who kind of got me back

into Pokemon back and south grade showed

me about this area and for a while I was

just almost kind of obsessed with it and

I think this says something now there's

something over here that's so I think

there's some magazines we can read and

back I really wish I mean I'm glad we

got repels at this point of the game but

I wish we had even more or it was black

and white and it say hey you want to use

another one because that is just really

handy for making Let's Plays but if we

come over here

I kinda show off all the items over here

because this is the first instance in

which we can get some really good ones a

big pearl will give you a lot of money

even though that doesn't seem to be a

problem since I still haven't sold that

Stardust I've had for a couple episodes

now but yeah let's continue to check

this place out and there isn't really

too much here other than it's an old

notebook there's something scrolled in

it some hang so perk up I can't even

read that if I tried what the heck is

going on here and the rest of the pages

are blank okay I gotta say dude it's

places to even even I'm an adult okay

I mean okay I'm a man shot at the end of

the day at best but this place look kind

of creeps me out a little bit I don't

know about you guys but toughen up I'm

not done yet guys stinking rappels dude

really should get the better ones but as

I said before we can't get those yet but

it's gonna to check out this area

there's another item over here a dread

plate pretty fitting it's in this

haunted house and two beings of time and

space set free from the original one

okay let's just put that in our bag and

pretend we didn't pick it up I would

imagine the place is like an actual like

dinner plate though it's just kind of

one of my things I think about and here

we have some beds

can't really interact with them though

for whatever reason kind of weird that

they're just here of all things it's a

little bit odd

there's even some over here it's kind of

cool there's a poker ball over there if

we come inside of here again gonna see

something L wait what they're supposed

to be something I hat what that is

really great that's a little bit strange

there's usually someone that drops this

item and they weren't here um all right

then that's kind of out of the ordinary

but we'll get tm9 t which is substitute

really really cool move but that's

usually not how you require it and I'm

blue oh okay that's not supposed to

happen like that that's kind of odd um

let's just pretend we didn't see that

okay um all right so the last thing we

need to do here is we need to find a

specific poke I'm sorry to know like

we're getting my composure that was a

little bit odd but the final thing we do

here in the old chateau involves this

next room and since we really don't want

to mess this up I'm gonna save my game

and I recommend you do the same and okay

now that we've saved our game it's time

to investigate the final room of this

really really creepy place the last area

of the old chateau has a TV set that's

flickering on and off and if you come

here at night it was gonna be something

very special that happens inside the TV

there appears to be a Pokemon Pokemon

appears as if it will come out want to

thump the TV I do absolutely not want to

do that because even as a kid I had a

lot of nightmares or just things

crawling out of TVs and well getting me

but sure let's thump the TV set oh


here we go

this is our encounter with a super

awesome Pokemon Rotom is not a legendary

Pokemon what a lot of people believe but

it is in fact our next team member this

is a electric ghost Pokemon one of the

coolest types ever and by gosh I gotta

get on my team start things off with a

Thunder shock I already prepared a head

I got flour who resists his electric

attacks and now we're going to stun

Spore this fool and try and capture him

this is why I told you to save your game

because this is a one time Pokemon if

you knock it out here you can't get

another one unless you do some special

things and this may take a while using

mega drains but oh yeah I think I'm

gonna switch out cuz I do not want to

deal with confuse array heck gardenias

probably in a right mind to be afraid of

this place cuz sorry that's how we beat

here but let's switch into the King and

see maybe a bubble be mighty maybe too

much damage - oh that's not good yeah

Rotom is really annoying to catch not

that because it has a really high catch

rate or anything like that or I guess


it's just that double team gets really

really annoying if it uses six of those

you're gonna have a really really bad

time and okay got the paralysis I can

dig that let's go for the metal claw

though we kind of just want to let

Whittle its HP down as much as we can

and I think we're gonna have to do one

more of those and come on another

confucian you know what it's fine that

amount of HP is enough to be captured

and honestly guys I don't know about you

but Rotom is one of my all-time favorite

designs from this generation and let's

see hmm a heel ball a dust ball or never

we're going for the dustbowl since it's

night time at the current time I'm

recording this there's a high chance we

can catch this Pokemon with this ball

come on get in there get in there

mm yes all right that did not take that

long at all and come to think of it

getting Rotom on your team is not that

hard but yes guys this is our next party

member the gastly plasma pokemon

it's electric like body can enter some

kinds of machines and take control in

order to make mischief I don't know

about you guys but I am ecstatic no pun

intended intended but to get this

Pokemon on my team it's been a favorite

of mine for a really long time but

here's the thing I don't actually have a

nickname for this little guy and this is

where you guys come in you have a clip

Oh booty or humorous or honestly just

kind of cool nickname for Rotom I'd love

to hear it so for the time being

no I won't be nicknaming him but yes

this is our third party member despite

the fact I have six Pokemon which should

probably fix that but yes we've done

that let's get the heck outta here man I

think in a this place and I think I'm

out of four pills and I really hope I

don't get into another random battle but

yes this is the old chat so one of my

all-time favorite places in Pokemon if

it's not a little bit on the brief side

though just kind of a sad thing because

it's such a cool place but now we've

taken care of that there isn't really

too much to do here any turn up for us

as sad as that is to say we're gonna

have to progress a little bit but I

don't know guys I kind of just like

backtracking a little bit sometimes in

Let's Plays I know we're not making

amazing progress here and platinum but I

just thought I'd show that okay now

we're at a who repels that's nice but

yes Rotom is a stinking monster it's

typing its ability let's check those out

and we have two paralyzed ghosts on our

teams let's see we got brave nature not

the best in the world but I like spicy

food too up on the same Rotom I can

relate and let's see has a really high

Special Attack stat it's speed isn't too

bad either

and the fact that has levitate and it's

an electric-type pokémon it's just a

fantastic combo which means Ground type

attacks ain't touchin it as far as moves

go though nothing really too spectacular

thundershock is okay uproar is fine and

confused raised passable but don't you

worry give it enough time this pokemon

is going to be a complete monster rest

assure but now is not the time to focus

on that instead let's head back to

eternity and investigate this shady

building team galactic Eterna building

we want your pokemon AV

very weird thing to put on a sign might

I add but now that we have cut let's

check this place out and I think our

Pokemon should be fine coming into this

area and is this really the team

galactic base seems like a weird place

to adverts hi as an oh crap we've

already been noticed hello it is me me

hahaha I startled you yes not really I

was just thinking or a grunt I was gonna

kick your button I am after all an

officer of international police it is

only natural that's I be a master of

disguise is it a good idea to reveal

yourself right out in the okay okay poor

word selection on my part but it's a

first-rate trainer

oh that's I am very aware I therefore

think it will be okay I must warn you to

be careful anyway also a word of advice

this building it has two stairs one of

them a trap it must be but a crooks Team

Galactic they do not appear how shall I

say smart that's putting it mildly and

there should be an easy way to tell the

stairs apart if you say so looker but

yes this is our next obstacle and

pokemon platinum figure out which pair

of stairs is the trap and which one

isn't it's really sinking easy to figure

out if you play a lot of games and all

but we are gonna knock that out in the

next episode guys honestly we did a lot

of stuff in this episode even if it

doesn't appear like it but I hope you

enjoyed it nevertheless I hope you have

a great day because in the next episode

lets play pokemon platinum we're kicking

tingled are just put in there you turn a

base yeah don't know I'm so hyper about

that but yes see you guys in the next

episode bit how's my worst one ever