How to spot odometer rollback fraud on your used vehicle

at first tonight if you have purchased a

used car I'm sure you're hoping it

didn't have any problem well we have a

context of a consumer alert about cars

that have had their odometers rolled


good evening I'm Anne Trujillo and I'm

Shannon Ogden there are nearly 28,000

cars just in the Denver area that have

fake odometer readings that's up 11%

from last year done four sevens Jace

Larson shows how these crooks are

changing odometer and we have the one

thing you can do right now to check the

car sitting in your garage or driveway

this is a 1991 Jaguar XJS this is Tim

Tunney slightly used in need of some

love new baby my wife saw this and we're

on vacation in Florida sitting in a

field $5,000 for a car with only about

42,000 miles it seemed like an

incredible deal now it's turned out it's

been in the shop for four months what he

thought was a fixer-upper has now rolled

into a rebuild cars had some odometer

roll back in it it took this a CARFAX

report for him to realize that his car

had more like a hundred and forty two

thousand miles

they was sick due to my stomach there is

a significant rise in the number of cars

that are out there on the road that have

an odometer roll back the problem it's

not just in Denver but it's statewide in

all of Colorado there are thirty four

thousand three hundred and eighty four

cars with suspected fake odometer

readings that's up considerably since

last year Carfax says to federal Heights

brothers got charged in January Adams

County District Attorney Dave young

believes they screwed over 29 people

people unfortunately don't realize that

odometer fraud is on the rise they think

it actually has gone away with the

introduction of the digital odometer and

that's not the case

those odometers can actually be easier

to manipulate easy peasy

Josh Engle legally repairs broken

odometers and he agreed to show us just

how shockingly easy it is to roll one

back sometimes crooks just swap out the

instrument cluster that they get from a

junkyard other times it's more high-tech

this device plugs into your car standard

computer port I want you to watch as we

take nearly 60,000 miles off this car if

you wanted to make this a brand-new car

I can program 20 miles into it

and once I input my value and it'll

reset and now I'm showing 19 miles on

the odometer just a few years ago you

had to buy a device like this which cost

about ten thousand dollars but today

with a Google search you can find this

for three hundred dollars and it does

the exact same thing I get calls weekly

about people trying to you know cheap

the system that everybody plays dumb

everybody you you tell people to no you

can't do that that's illegal

and and most of their response is oh it

is yes that's that's since since the

dawn of cars that's been illegal for the

most part tim has now spent seventeen

thousand dollars on his car and he still

got parts of the brakes to replace

leaving his baby forcibly parked for a

little bit longer

looks like it'll still be here for

another month or two here's something

else to help you out let's say someone

tells you the car only has 40,000 miles

but the steering wheel is significantly

worn or the brake pedals worn that can

be a tip-off that there's an odometer

rollback Jace Larson Denver seven

incredible and you can't get a CARFAX

report from most dealerships for free

and right now if you want to see if the

car parked in your driveway has possibly

been rolled back Carfax is letting you

check their system for free just visit slash oh do you do have to

create a free carfax account the company

will not use that information to market

to you