North Shore, Minnesota - Destination Video - Travel Guide

Minnesotans have a strong bond with

nature and one of the regions they hold

most sacred is a place called the North

Shore the region just north of Duluth

Minnesota preserves a land of forests

and rocky shoreline all along the

largest freshwater lake in the world

Lake Superior a drive north will bring

you into two harbors the town has its

history deeply rooted in the timber and

iron ore industry it was trained such as

this last of the largest locomotives

weighing some 569 tons that would bring

ore from the Iron Range out to port

doing their part to fuel American steel

production today it is a popular tourist

attraction in port town an egg at bay a

walk out along the concrete breakwater

to the lighthouse offers a great vantage

point to watch iron ore vessels pull in

and out of the historic port and the

stretches of rocky shoreline provide a

nice place for a walk or picnic the town

has antique stores tourist shops and

good eating such as that that can be

found at the vanilla bean a quick

perusal of the menu will show you a nice

selection of omelets in the more

regional fare of pasties and lingonberry

items but all of their meals are equally

as fulfilling within driving distance of

two harbors are two of the more

authentic establishments along the North

Shore Russ Kendal's and ve Nelson's as

you drive down old scenic highway 61 an

ornately carved wood cabin will catch

your eye this is the workshop the gift

store of silversmith Brad Nelson before

you enter you want to take the time to

appreciate his intricate wood carving

inside you'll find art that is

reflective of Minnesota's Scandinavian

culture as well as Celtic Eastern

European and local ethnic art much of

the authenticity comes from the fact

that it is either imported directly from

Europe are crafted by local artisans a

stop here gives you a chance to

appreciate quality handcraft

and purchase a very unique gift

regardless it is one of the most unique

shops you're likely to see in your


any Minnesotan will attest to the fact

that you haven't tasted smoked fish

until you visited Russ Kendall's a

family-owned and run business they carry

such smoked fish is trout herring salmon

and Goldie's the family will help you

find the perfect fish for your tastes

such food connoisseurs as Andrew

Zimmerman have sung the praises of this

place come visit and see what it's all

about for yourself along your trek up

the shore you can visit a member of the

trail of the whispering Giants the

artist Peter wolf Toth who has made 73

Native American carvings across the

world continues to upkeep one of his

Giants located near two harbors another

popular attraction is Split Rock

Lighthouse built after a single storm

sank 29 vessels a hundred years ago your

visit will give you a chance to tour the

lighthouse hike along the shore and peer

out from a great observation point and

Lake Superior you want to see our

individual segments on this special


arguably the most majestic of locations

along the North Shore is a cliff known

as palisade head located in the teddy

coupe State Park the sheer cliff towers

300 feet above Lake Superior and

attracts climbers and sight seekers from

this vantage point you can feel the

immensity of the water making superiors

seem more like a giant glacial ocean

than it does a lake while visiting you

will want to be very mindful of your

step and be sure to bring your camera it

is one of our planet's most breathtaking

views the North Shore is famous for its

natural campgrounds hiking and water

trails such as can be found at Cascade

River State Park this is an area through

which the mighty river cuts down to the

shore below you can admire the mighty

power of this River face-to-face and

take a seat along the ancient Cascades

and waterfalls even in the more popular

seasons you'll have no difficulty in

finding some time alone to reflect on

natural wonders

one of the main hubs along the North

Shore is a town of Grand Marais as can

be seen by any number of its art venues

as a town that both promotes and

appreciates the work of the artist the

beachfront is such a place where you can

experience the land water and North

Shore whether even draped in fog the

town assumes a cozy feel

but in just an hour or two that fog can

be gone and you have a beautiful day

before you the place feels as though it

conforms to the rules of nature flowing

with it in Northshore harmony it can

actually be a difficult place to decide

on where to eat spend anoles is famous

for pizza and you can grab a bite at

world's best donuts the crooked spoon

cafe is popular in the Bluewater cafe is

a perfect spot to have a meal with

friends and plot out your plans for the


coach city Whole Foods is also a good

option for grabbing something on the run

stores and gift shops offer an equal

amount of options Drury Lane carries a

fascinating selection of books and the

Lake Superior Trading Post is great for

anything from gifts to camping

necessities this is after all one of the

gateways to Minnesota's best fishing

hiking and camping regions there are

also stores such as the beaver house

noted for the walleyes sticking out of

its roof

well this has been only a sampling of

what you can discover on the North Shore

from its natural wonders unique shops

and historic places you can see that

this region is one that offers appeal to

many you will want to be sure to put the

North Shore of Minnesota on your list of

top destinations